My Review : A Flying Jatt

Prelude :

I still clearly remember that day, I guess couple of months ago, when Balaji Motion pictures had released the trailer of their most upcoming film ‘A Flying Jatt’.
The trailer was so badly edited that I could guess the actual story as the entire film was already shown to us through that very trailer.

Frankly speaking, Bollywood has never been successful in giving us an original or an unique Super hero..esp the one we can call our very own.

So,after the ‘Dark Knight’ , Avengers, Man of Steel , Iron Man etc ..our Bollywood industry comes up with nothing else but ‘Flying Jatt’.

Review :

Okay, who was the person, who decided to pass this script? Who conceived the idea, that said, “You know what, Indian viewers still have not watched a Sikh superhero ?

Well, whoever the person was, the result is Remo’s latest superhero flick A Flying Jatt,comes across as one of those impulsive wrong creative decisions along with a badly written script.

I seriously wonder What do these top Creative heads of these Studios do ? during the script narration sessions ?? They approve every single thing narrated to them?? or they just over look the fact its a weak script ?? I guess a Bollywood film is made on other factors & a good script is the last option-(-(

Plot :

Aman, a useless son according to his mother and a laughing stock for his brother Rohit .
As a martial arts instructor at a local school, he craves the attention of Kirti, a fellow teacher.
The movie continues on a very regular pace with few unwanted scenes.
After a series of unbelievable events, Aman acquires superpowers and turns into the superhero.
Inspired from Hollywood films, We get to see the mandatory ‘funny’ costume selection montage, a regular compulsory scene of every superhero origin movie that is the funniest of all.
The main conflict of the story begins when a greedy capitalist named Malhotra enters the scene & wants to buy over the property of the small town in order to build his industry.
Now enters the Australian WWE wrestler Nathan Jones as Raka, who is out to destroy Flying Jatt. Rest of the story ca be guessed..Ofcoz the Flying Jatt wins.

Technical :

In spite of a weak script, Flying Jatt has its moments :

1) A scene in which the costumed Flying Jatt, right after he wears his signature costume is blessed by his family, looks heroically into the distance and instantly sits down on his bed to relax, which is genuinely funny.

2) Series of funny montages are shown in which he attempts to ‘save’ people is,quite hilarious
3) Another scene wherein our caped crusader is sent by his mother to buy lauki, is indeed one of the best.

Flying Jatt boasts of a script with gags.

1) One of Aman’s powers include touching a book or, say, a DVD, and absorbing its content within seconds (Like Pk). In the film, he touches such things as a Sunny Leone DVD & dances to ‘Baby Doll”

However, the film is totally unoriginal at places. The writers pick up the ‘Spidey sense’ (A Flying Jatt can hear people in distress praying to Wahe Guru) and the worst of all, the fantastic Quicksilver scene from Days of Future Past is shown in this very film..
A country like ours,where Hollywood films are so accessible & loved , How did the writers think they could get away with these?
After all ABCD series is inspired from the Step Up

Few scenes were very badly executed as it lacked movements & impact. The opening credits of the film was soooo boring that I could guess the outcome of the actual product.

The second half was soo long & predictable..the romantic song between Jacqueline & Tiger could have easily been edited.

Performances :

From a under dog teacher to a cliched’ villian to a giggling beauty, the characters are outdated, half baked & so stereotyped,
but nothing in the film could hold the audience’s attention for a long time.

Tiger Shroff is 3 films old..& believe you me..he still can’t act to save his life. His USP’s are dancing & kicking butts Full Stop. I am still quite fond of Tiger shroff as I loved him in Baaghi.

Jacqueline Fernandez is the weakest link of the film, I am sure she said yes to this film only because of its banner & the director..coz she literally had nothing to do in this film.

Amrita Singh & Gaurav Pandey as her second son adds a lot of value the family drama.

Music :

What’s a Remo film without groovy numbers and stylish dancing! The song, ‘Beat pe booty’ and the title track are great options.

Verdict :

.Overall, A Flying Jatt ,relies on a good message. & could have been a fun watch.
But, It transforms from becoming a fun film to a bad film.

Watch it at your own risk….Happy Saturday Friends.

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