My Open letter to Mahira Khan: Thank you for Existing in my life.

Who doesn’t love Mahira Khan ?

Trust me, everyone does. She is so gifted n wonderful.

Have mentioned Why ? on my previous blog click & view Why do we all Love Mahira Khan ?

Mahira Khan started her career as a Vj  &  after that she played the character ‘Khirad’  in the Pakistan’s most popular Drama television series  ‘Humsafar’ , since then the actor has been unstoppable…In other words  ‘The Unstoppable Khan’

The worldwide fan following she has earned through her stellar performances is worth an applause.  Mahira Khan is known for her talent, beauty and down-to-earth nature which makes her different from the rest of The Pakistan film Industry.


She undoubtedly has that special trait of turning any ‘Camera Frame’ lively by her stunning performances. With so many qualities, apart from the good looks, Mahira Khan certainly deserves a huge number of fans and she certainly does have.

So, being one of her biggest fans from Mumbai, I want to express my feelings towards my favourite actor through an Open Letter.

I think that I lost my heart to you when you first appeared on the screen playing the character ‘Ayesha’ in Bol; and then slowly post ‘Humsafar’ you made a more permanent place in my heart.

               1430070893047 - Copy

You played Khirad so convincingly that I totally fell in love with you.  Next thing you know, we all #Mahirians cheering from are respective nations worldwide as you went ahead from Strength to Strength right from ‘Balle Balle’ to ‘Shakar Wardaan’ .  (I don’t remember watching any song on repeat the rate at which I watched these two)

Cinematically Ho Mann Jahaan was a great flick. I was literally dancing to the song ‘Shakar Wardaan’ everyday (You have already seen my dancing dubsmash challenge video, I guess)


Every evening & every night, I used to see all your videos repeatedly. Even my closest friends were convinced that I’d finally gone senile lolz.


No disrespect to other artists but in my heart there could not be anyone that could give me the same feeling the way you do, after watching you perform on screen.

I have personally followed all your interviews on YouTube and let me tell you that your interviews were never predictable & boring – Hence you’re acting, your dance, and your mesmerizing beauty made the whole world including me totally mesmerized.

I’d like to say I do have pictures of you on my bedroom wall,at my work desk as well on my Laptop wall paper, my Coffee mug, My T-shirt & of coz my Cell phone wall paper

CVJRtyQUAAAEQr8       wp_ss_20151016_0003

.And when you won Asia’s top 10 Sexiest Actor this year… well, let’s just say I was so ready to protest on your behalf coz I wanted your name to be on number one lolz.

Frankly speaking, you made the word “Woman of Substance” come to life, and I couldn’t find that more adorable even if I wanted. (Though sometimes I do get jealous, when some of your fans start to link you with some of your co-stars lolzz).


So, since every guy in the whole country not-so-secretly wishes you were to him. And I have only one question – how do you do it?

Whenever I felt low or sad or went through a rough phase… Your infectious beautiful smile, your Talk shows or all of it, helped me a lot. Being all alone in a room didn’t feel so bad suddenly. All my sorrow seemed manageable the moment I saw you dancing to the song ‘Balle Balle’ or the rain dance in Humsafar.

I managed to get most of my sanity back just by watching you do your job on screen. I seriously cannot find another actor with his kind of finesse & skill. You kept me happy & made me feel good about myself.

I know that I am not the only Mahira Khan fan out there, Boys all of the world are ready to fight demons to marry you and girls wish they were half as cool as you are; But I have an amazing fan story. ( Will post that on a different blog)

Btw, We both love Woody Allen Films, ’Pyaasa’ seems to be both our top favourite films.  We even make the same verbal expression ‘Uff’, when we spot something extremely beautiful lolz.

I decided to write this because if my luck is good and you will actually read this, I would want you to save and read it whenever you are feeling low. May be this could cheer you up and I obviously can never repay what you have done for me.

I have always been told by people to keep positive during your lowest; No one actually tells me how to do it; because no one knows how it’s done. You showed me how it’s done.

Love your attitude & the way you carry yourself.

I do feel the change over these two years, Thank you, Mahira Khan Among all those who want to say a zillion things to you. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU  in this open letter (I guess, have already told you the day I met you & hope to meet you very soon).

Trust me, your screen presence simply lights up my face, and one must see it to believe it.

11225234_1666619380284862_6477548383316308506_o - Copy

But that’s the whole point of this letter, to let you know that even though you are from a different country & a big star, I want to see you in happy & always smiling with your lovely son Azlaan.


You have no clue, Mahira, you have inspired a whole generation to be themselves, by doing nothing other than being yourself. I feel so connected to you..don’t ask why ?? I do

Hope to Direct you some day in a film, Have ‘Anda Paratha’ with you & Go out on a Mexican food dinner with you. ( I know you love eggs & Mexican Food just like me)

Btw, You know what ? more than a year ago, I was nominated as your special fan by a web page in Pakistan..I was so thrilled.


It gives me hope & immense joy. And it gives me the feeling that there may not be another Mahira Khan in any industry. The Universe is conspiring to make you happy and successful always.

Capture 7 - Copy

For now, I will continue to support you as you keep up the great work.  Hope to write book on you some day or a film (Title: Mahira Khan & Me).

PS : Please never change.

Your biggest fan

Deep Basu


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