Very rarely you find yourself smiling or feel happy, after watching a Bollywood film in the recent times. The last two films ‘Mohenjodaro’ & ‘Rustom’ burnt my pocket & made me regret heavily.

I was seriously in two minds before watching this particular flick, but since Ace Director ‘Anand L Rai was associated with this project, I wanted to give it a try ( Loved his last production ‘Nil Baatey Sanata’

So, after a period bore & an over-patriotic thriller film, If you guys have been waiting for a family entertainer, ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ is the perfect film.
Director Mudassar Aziz,{who last directed ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’}& producer Anand L Rai brings a laughter riot which has all the possible ingredients to lighten up your mood & make you smile.

Plot :

Daman Singh Bagga an aspiring MLA of Amritsar is madly in love with Happy (Diana Penty) and will soon tie the knot with her. But as expected Happy is in love with her college crush Guddu (Ali Fazal). Happy’s family is against their marriage and hence on the wedding night, she decides to elope away with Guddu and live happily ever after but unfortunately things don’t fall in place,

After landing in the wrong truck, Happy reaches Pakistan at the residence of Bilal (Abhay Deol), the son of ex-governor of Lahore, who is engaged to Zoya (Momal Sheikh), a daughter of a reputed businessman.
After a lot of Chaos, Bilal decides to help Happy find her way back home.
But Happy is in no mood to return back to India
What happens next forms the cruz of the story but has a predictable ending.

After the debacle ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ Director Mudassar Aziz is back with a bang.
He has handled particular scenes with a lot of conviction, considering its cross border run-com theme.
After ‘Nil Battey Sanata’ Aanand L Rai and Krishika Lulla once again have produced an entertaining film for the family audiences especially me, who craves to see such films in today’s time.

Technical :

The first half is tight & bang on point but the second half sightly seems to lose plot and we are left looking for something that will make us laugh.

Needless to say, the climax of the film is quite stretched but ends on a good note ( quite predictable though).

The love tri- angle in this film between Momal, Abhay & Diana is touched upon but its potential is never fully realized.

The film has several striking resemblances to TWM, which makes sense because Happy Bhag Jayegi is an Anand L Rai production too & will stay with you for quite some time.

Diana’s character is not very charming or sweet..yet she is described as the queen of hearts..I wonder why ?

Mudassar Aziz’s writing is commendable in most of the parts. His dialogues are played with words of Hindi and Urdu. Few, Gags incorporated are fresh and brilliantly incorporated in the plot.

The film gives out a strong message ‘Follow your heart, Run where your heart takes you without any fear.

Being an Eros film, the movie has good production values & is technically well-crafted.
The visuals, back-ground score and music by Mr Sohail Sen are very beautiful,soothing & suits the film.


Performances :

Happy doesn’t pull off the film, its the supporting star cast who steal the show.

To begin with, Abhay Deol is in full form & does good justice to his character.
No one else could have played this role with such perfection as him.

Ali Fazal is smooth & spontaneous as the helpless boyfriend.

Diana Penty who had debuted with ‘Cocktail’, does a decent job 7 is quite lovable through out.

Jimmy Shergill once again gets ditched lolz, and the producers have encashed this trick very well.


New comer Momal sheikh is watchable as a possessive beautiful fiancée.

Lastly , Piyush Mishra steals the show as the impeccable Urdu speaking Pakistani Cop.

Verdict :

Overall, ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ is perfect for a weekend film with your family..Bhag to the theatres this weekend. Recommended



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