Why do we all Love Mahira Khan ?

I am not a professional blogger or an extraordinary gifted writer, but being an impulsive person,  I just wanted to speak my heart out & dedicate this blog to my one & only favourite celebrity Mahira Khan, who has inspired me to always have hope.

To make it special, short and crisp, I really wanted to write an article, only talking about my favourite actor Mahira Khan & also highlight the reasons why we (especially me) totally adore & love her!

To begin my article, I first would like to talk about Mahira Khan’s smile. Believe you me; her attractive smile can brighten up an entire room! It can make your day & make you feel good about yourself. Her smile still has the innocence of a child..melts the heart so easily.

After veteran actors like Madhubala & Meena Kumari, she is the only other actress whose warm smile have enchanted an entire generation of admirers who would love to get a glimpse of the actress.

Julia Roberts may have a similar million watt smile but it’s just not as beautiful as our diva’s

Actress-Mahira-Khan - Copy

Following her body of work, Right from Khirad in Humsafar to Manizeh in ’Ho mann Jahan’, she has done it all. In her ‘not so long’ successful career in Pakistan, Mahira Khan has set a place for herself which no one else can reach, take or steal. It will forever be hers and she will always go down in the history as the ruling queen of Pakistan Cinema.

It’s not just the Acting skills that we like her for. We love her for her charisma, her dazzling smile, her trendsetting fashion sense, her openness about her life, the empowering characters that she played and the list goes on and on. SHE’S A ROLE MODEL for many.

Do you guys remember Mahira playing Khirad in ‘Humsafar’? ( I bet u guys do) Could you guys feel her emotions then? Such a powerful performance!! No one could have done it better! Then there are movies like Bol, BinRoye , Manto & Ho Mann Jahaan, where her performance lingered in our minds long after we left the theatre. According to me, Mahira Khan is a perfect actress & the next big screen legend, you should watch out for.

Besides being a ravishing beauty, Mahira Khan is known for her ability to choose her roles wisely. Carving out for herself, a substantial niche in the industry, she evolved into giving more perfect performance with every film. Winning several Awards for her lead roles in films & television, her spontaneous and vivacious energy captivated the audiences and critics alike!

1430070893047 - Copy                       FB_IMG_1428723399969

Now, if I just have to lay more emphasis on her dancing prowess. But have you ever noticed how many of her movies revolve around dance? Remember that time in Bin Roye when she danced her heart out on Balle Balle?  & How can we forget her dance in the song ‘ Shakar Wardaan’ from the film Ho Mann Jahaan.

By the way, if you follow me on twitter, you will get to see Mahira Khan’s first dance performance on stage. She absolutely nailed it flawlessly & never for a second, I found her to be nervous (Which she claims she was, lolz).


Apart from being a versatile actress, my favourite actor Mahira khan is a perfect model  & can suit all the leading brands! Her nature and her magnetic personality can still make any man, go weak in his knees (I have fallen for it already).

She is probably the only new actress (from across the border) who has been cast opposite the biggest Khan of Bollywood in her debut film! How cool is that?! Not just that, she has also worked with ALL mainstream celebrities of Pakistan. Does any other actor have that on their resume? We doubt it!!

She is undoubtedly one of the few actors, who has gained international recognition through social media websites (Twitter, Youtube etc).  After all, all of us have watched Humsafar, Sher-e-zaat, Sadqay Tumhare on YouTube right from our own homes & have ended up becoming  a big fan of her work.

Yes. She is THAT successful!

Luckily, I did get an opportunity to meet her at Vogue Style Awards, Mumbai & so I would love to write about her simplicity as well.  Mahira Khan is sweet, rooted and down to earth in spite of enjoying immense fan following. It was a pleasure meeting her & would love to meet her again..


Mahira Khan & me (Vogue Style awards)

In spite of being a Super Star, Mahira Khan is a doting & a proud mother. Her star status doesn’t keep her from fussing over her cute son Azlaan and she is known to be keenly involved in his upbringing. Though she is a very busy actor, she still manages time to give equal attention to her son. The actress is extremely close to her cute adorable son Azlaan and loves to be with him.

There can be nobody who can compete with her. She is a doting Mom, a talented actress, a beautiful person & ofcoz  the ‘Khan of all Seasons’  and  I really hope post Raees, she also rules parts of Bollywood!

How can we not love her now? We love watching her on screen. We idolised her. We always support her and danced to her tunes. She has become an integral part of not only my life but other fans too.. Just how can we not love her? I am a proud Mahirian, love her to bits & will remain a loyal fan forever.


Deep Basu

( Mahira Khan’s biggest fan on earth)



Deep Basu


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