6 Reasons Why Mahira Khan Is More Successful Than Any Other Actress in Pakistan!

If you have closely followed my previous two blog posts, Why do we love Mahira Khan? & My Open Letter to Mahira Khan you will by now know, that I am the biggest fan of Mahira Khan from India (Mumbai) & I am dedicating my third blog post to her.


Before I begin, I would like to clarify that, I am not writing this blog blindly, After a detailed research & after watching a lot of Pakistani dramas, I am finally writing down the reasons why I feel my favourite actor Mahira Khan is more successful than any other actress in the Pakistan Industry.

She was the simple girl-next-door, who became an overnight dream girl with her portrayal of the beautiful Khirad in the successful Pakistani drama Humsafar ,this shot her to stardom in the summer of 2011.


Now, 5 years later, she is a star on her own, who’s inspired the country not just with her acting but with the classy sense of style and individuality she’s flaunted so far.

Call her gorgeous, smart or whatever is on your vocabulary list of ‘cool’ words to praise someone but one thing everyone will agree that, Mahira Khan is one of the most successful actresses in the new cluster of talent.

Be it the simple looking Saba from Bin Roye  or a nice vibrant Manizeh  in  Ho Mann Jahaan .

The beautiful Mahira Khan is here to stay & is unbeatable


Mahira Khan has always surprised the audience with her spectacular performance on both the screens (Television & Cinema).She is definitely a breath of fresh air, I call her ‘Devi’ my ‘Goddess’

Today, Mahira Khan is busy working on her next film post the success of ‘Ho Mann Jahaan’. Apart from the movie, which everyone is excited for, we’ve particularly been excited about the reasons why our Queen Mahira Khan is more successful than any other actress in Pakistan.

The Humsafar girl always lights up the screen with her unbeatable charm & smile.


I am stating the six reasons to prove that she is way more successful than any other actress at the professional front currently!

  1.  Consecutive Hits – Mahira Khan started her career as an actor in 2011 in the film Bol  for which she received a lot of good reviews & accolades.

Right after that, she starred in various popular hit television dramas like  Neeyat , Humsafar, Shehr-e-Zaat , Sadqay Tumhare .

Humsafar was the turning point in her career, when people actually started taking her work seriously & wanted to see her doing more quality work..

But it was only in 2015 that she established herself as a phenomenal actress in the Pakistan film industry.

Starting with Bin Roye , she acted in two more films that very year. Ho Mann Jahaan ,  Manto and Raees with Shahrukh Khan , ( Yet to release next year) all of which were the top highest grossers of the year.

All these helped Mahira Khan create one record. A string of successive hits in television as well as films- something that not many actors have achieved in the past!


2    Raining Awards – No doubt, Our Queen Mahira Khan is the reigning queen of Pakistan and is undeniably the number one actress in the industry.

Apart from receiving the Lux style award (Best actor) consecutively for her stellar performances.

Mahira Khan has also bagged various other miscellaneous Awards. That includes ‘The Unstoppable Khan Award’ The ‘World’s 50 Sexiest Asian Women’ List.  She won the Best actress at Masala Awards in 2015 & recently She won the ‘Face to watch out for’ at Vogue Style Awards 2016 

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She recently featured in Diva Magazine for the Power Issue 2016.

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A Special Live chat show was organised for her by Fuchsia magazine Singapore to congratulate her early this year.

What do we have to say about it? Truly deserving & Unstoppable!

Mahira Khan in Singapore for the Fuchsia Magazine Live Chat

3.   Most sought after actress – There’s no doubt that Mahira Khan is the most sought-after actress in Pakistan.

Directors in Pakistan & across the border want to cast her in their films, producers want her to sign their projects, brand endorsers are willing to pay huge amount to cast her as the face for their brand. And there’s a lot more.

Not only directors, even actors want to work opposite her. In a popular show, Sharukh Khan had said that he also had a great time working with her in Raees.

We Mahirians love to see her more on the silver screen.

Mahira Khan will make her Bollywood debut in Raees in 2017

4. Stunning Personality – Her stunning personality is what earned her a lot of love & respect by fans all over the world. And over the years, on screen and off screen, she’s only proved that she was born to be a Super star. There’s something about the way she carries herself that demands your attention. Be it her confidence, her impeccable style, her lady like elegance, or her beautiful charm, she always stands out in the crowd. Her striking smile blurs out the rest of the world.


5.  Strong Woman – She’s headstrong and that is what makes her such a powerful woman. She’s always well spoken, articulate, jovial and puts up a great public image but she there’s no way anybody can take her for a ride. Press or the media, everyone seems to love her a lot.


6. Challenges herself –  Mahira Khan has tasted good amount of success in her life. It’s because she has always striven to be better. While a lot of other actors stagnate in their careers, Mahira Khan has always taken up new challenges and honed her talent. Watch her films & the television dramas she has done.  You’ll know how much she has improved over time. Even though a star of her stature could have easily cashed in on her popularity and good looks, Mahira Khan has always tried to evolve as an actor.


And you know,  My favourite Mahira Khan has all of the above qualities, no wonder she rules the Pakistani Industry. You know why? Because she is unstoppable & an amazing human being. And for that she deserves a Standing Ovation!

Mahira Khan & Me at Vogue Style Awards Mumbai 

DEEP BASU –  I am a 29 year old young Aspiring Film Director, work as an Associate Director in Bollywood , Love writing about Mahira Khan & I am the biggest fan of Mahira Khan on earth.. Follow me on Twitter:  @deepbasu1


My Review : A Flying Jatt

Prelude :

I still clearly remember that day, I guess couple of months ago, when Balaji Motion pictures had released the trailer of their most upcoming film ‘A Flying Jatt’.
The trailer was so badly edited that I could guess the actual story as the entire film was already shown to us through that very trailer.

Frankly speaking, Bollywood has never been successful in giving us an original or an unique Super hero..esp the one we can call our very own.

So,after the ‘Dark Knight’ , Avengers, Man of Steel , Iron Man etc ..our Bollywood industry comes up with nothing else but ‘Flying Jatt’.

Review :

Okay, who was the person, who decided to pass this script? Who conceived the idea, that said, “You know what, Indian viewers still have not watched a Sikh superhero ?

Well, whoever the person was, the result is Remo’s latest superhero flick A Flying Jatt,comes across as one of those impulsive wrong creative decisions along with a badly written script.

I seriously wonder What do these top Creative heads of these Studios do ? during the script narration sessions ?? They approve every single thing narrated to them?? or they just over look the fact its a weak script ?? I guess a Bollywood film is made on other factors & a good script is the last option-(-(

Plot :

Aman, a useless son according to his mother and a laughing stock for his brother Rohit .
As a martial arts instructor at a local school, he craves the attention of Kirti, a fellow teacher.
The movie continues on a very regular pace with few unwanted scenes.
After a series of unbelievable events, Aman acquires superpowers and turns into the superhero.
Inspired from Hollywood films, We get to see the mandatory ‘funny’ costume selection montage, a regular compulsory scene of every superhero origin movie that is the funniest of all.
The main conflict of the story begins when a greedy capitalist named Malhotra enters the scene & wants to buy over the property of the small town in order to build his industry.
Now enters the Australian WWE wrestler Nathan Jones as Raka, who is out to destroy Flying Jatt. Rest of the story ca be guessed..Ofcoz the Flying Jatt wins.

Technical :

In spite of a weak script, Flying Jatt has its moments :

1) A scene in which the costumed Flying Jatt, right after he wears his signature costume is blessed by his family, looks heroically into the distance and instantly sits down on his bed to relax, which is genuinely funny.

2) Series of funny montages are shown in which he attempts to ‘save’ people is,quite hilarious
3) Another scene wherein our caped crusader is sent by his mother to buy lauki, is indeed one of the best.

Flying Jatt boasts of a script with gags.

1) One of Aman’s powers include touching a book or, say, a DVD, and absorbing its content within seconds (Like Pk). In the film, he touches such things as a Sunny Leone DVD & dances to ‘Baby Doll”

However, the film is totally unoriginal at places. The writers pick up the ‘Spidey sense’ (A Flying Jatt can hear people in distress praying to Wahe Guru) and the worst of all, the fantastic Quicksilver scene from Days of Future Past is shown in this very film..
A country like ours,where Hollywood films are so accessible & loved , How did the writers think they could get away with these?
After all ABCD series is inspired from the Step Up

Few scenes were very badly executed as it lacked movements & impact. The opening credits of the film was soooo boring that I could guess the outcome of the actual product.

The second half was soo long & predictable..the romantic song between Jacqueline & Tiger could have easily been edited.

Performances :

From a under dog teacher to a cliched’ villian to a giggling beauty, the characters are outdated, half baked & so stereotyped,
but nothing in the film could hold the audience’s attention for a long time.

Tiger Shroff is 3 films old..& believe you me..he still can’t act to save his life. His USP’s are dancing & kicking butts Full Stop. I am still quite fond of Tiger shroff as I loved him in Baaghi.

Jacqueline Fernandez is the weakest link of the film, I am sure she said yes to this film only because of its banner & the director..coz she literally had nothing to do in this film.

Amrita Singh & Gaurav Pandey as her second son adds a lot of value the family drama.

Music :

What’s a Remo film without groovy numbers and stylish dancing! The song, ‘Beat pe booty’ and the title track are great options.

Verdict :

.Overall, A Flying Jatt ,relies on a good message. & could have been a fun watch.
But, It transforms from becoming a fun film to a bad film.

Watch it at your own risk….Happy Saturday Friends.

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My Open letter to Mahira Khan: Thank you for Existing in my life.

Who doesn’t love Mahira Khan ?

Trust me, everyone does. She is so gifted n wonderful.

Have mentioned Why ? on my previous blog click & view Why do we all Love Mahira Khan ?

Mahira Khan started her career as a Vj  &  after that she played the character ‘Khirad’  in the Pakistan’s most popular Drama television series  ‘Humsafar’ , since then the actor has been unstoppable…In other words  ‘The Unstoppable Khan’

The worldwide fan following she has earned through her stellar performances is worth an applause.  Mahira Khan is known for her talent, beauty and down-to-earth nature which makes her different from the rest of The Pakistan film Industry.


She undoubtedly has that special trait of turning any ‘Camera Frame’ lively by her stunning performances. With so many qualities, apart from the good looks, Mahira Khan certainly deserves a huge number of fans and she certainly does have.

So, being one of her biggest fans from Mumbai, I want to express my feelings towards my favourite actor through an Open Letter.

I think that I lost my heart to you when you first appeared on the screen playing the character ‘Ayesha’ in Bol; and then slowly post ‘Humsafar’ you made a more permanent place in my heart.

               1430070893047 - Copy

You played Khirad so convincingly that I totally fell in love with you.  Next thing you know, we all #Mahirians cheering from are respective nations worldwide as you went ahead from Strength to Strength right from ‘Balle Balle’ to ‘Shakar Wardaan’ .  (I don’t remember watching any song on repeat the rate at which I watched these two)

Cinematically Ho Mann Jahaan was a great flick. I was literally dancing to the song ‘Shakar Wardaan’ everyday (You have already seen my dancing dubsmash challenge video, I guess)


Every evening & every night, I used to see all your videos repeatedly. Even my closest friends were convinced that I’d finally gone senile lolz.


No disrespect to other artists but in my heart there could not be anyone that could give me the same feeling the way you do, after watching you perform on screen.

I have personally followed all your interviews on YouTube and let me tell you that your interviews were never predictable & boring – Hence you’re acting, your dance, and your mesmerizing beauty made the whole world including me totally mesmerized.

I’d like to say I do have pictures of you on my bedroom wall,at my work desk as well on my Laptop wall paper, my Coffee mug, My T-shirt & of coz my Cell phone wall paper

CVJRtyQUAAAEQr8       wp_ss_20151016_0003

.And when you won Asia’s top 10 Sexiest Actor this year… well, let’s just say I was so ready to protest on your behalf coz I wanted your name to be on number one lolz.

Frankly speaking, you made the word “Woman of Substance” come to life, and I couldn’t find that more adorable even if I wanted. (Though sometimes I do get jealous, when some of your fans start to link you with some of your co-stars lolzz).


So, since every guy in the whole country not-so-secretly wishes you were to him. And I have only one question – how do you do it?

Whenever I felt low or sad or went through a rough phase… Your infectious beautiful smile, your Talk shows or all of it, helped me a lot. Being all alone in a room didn’t feel so bad suddenly. All my sorrow seemed manageable the moment I saw you dancing to the song ‘Balle Balle’ or the rain dance in Humsafar.

I managed to get most of my sanity back just by watching you do your job on screen. I seriously cannot find another actor with his kind of finesse & skill. You kept me happy & made me feel good about myself.

I know that I am not the only Mahira Khan fan out there, Boys all of the world are ready to fight demons to marry you and girls wish they were half as cool as you are; But I have an amazing fan story. ( Will post that on a different blog)

Btw, We both love Woody Allen Films, ’Pyaasa’ seems to be both our top favourite films.  We even make the same verbal expression ‘Uff’, when we spot something extremely beautiful lolz.

I decided to write this because if my luck is good and you will actually read this, I would want you to save and read it whenever you are feeling low. May be this could cheer you up and I obviously can never repay what you have done for me.

I have always been told by people to keep positive during your lowest; No one actually tells me how to do it; because no one knows how it’s done. You showed me how it’s done.

Love your attitude & the way you carry yourself.

I do feel the change over these two years, Thank you, Mahira Khan Among all those who want to say a zillion things to you. I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU  in this open letter (I guess, have already told you the day I met you & hope to meet you very soon).

Trust me, your screen presence simply lights up my face, and one must see it to believe it.

11225234_1666619380284862_6477548383316308506_o - Copy

But that’s the whole point of this letter, to let you know that even though you are from a different country & a big star, I want to see you in happy & always smiling with your lovely son Azlaan.


You have no clue, Mahira, you have inspired a whole generation to be themselves, by doing nothing other than being yourself. I feel so connected to you..don’t ask why ?? I do

Hope to Direct you some day in a film, Have ‘Anda Paratha’ with you & Go out on a Mexican food dinner with you. ( I know you love eggs & Mexican Food just like me)

Btw, You know what ? more than a year ago, I was nominated as your special fan by a web page in Pakistan..I was so thrilled.


It gives me hope & immense joy. And it gives me the feeling that there may not be another Mahira Khan in any industry. The Universe is conspiring to make you happy and successful always.

Capture 7 - Copy

For now, I will continue to support you as you keep up the great work.  Hope to write book on you some day or a film (Title: Mahira Khan & Me).

PS : Please never change.

Your biggest fan

Deep Basu

My Review : Happy Bhag Jayegi

My Review : Happy Bhag Jayegi

Very rarely you find yourself smiling or feel happy, after watching a Bollywood film in the recent times. The last two films ‘Mohenjodaro’ & ‘Rustom’ burnt my pocket & made me regret heavily.

I was seriously in two minds before watching this particular flick, but since Ace Director ‘Anand L Rai was associated with this project, I wanted to give it a try ( Loved his last production ‘Nil Baatey Sanata’

So, after a period bore & an over-patriotic thriller film, If you guys have been waiting for a family entertainer, ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ is the perfect film.
Director Mudassar Aziz,{who last directed ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’}& producer Anand L Rai brings a laughter riot which has all the possible ingredients to lighten up your mood & make you smile.

Plot :

Daman Singh Bagga an aspiring MLA of Amritsar is madly in love with Happy (Diana Penty) and will soon tie the knot with her. But as expected Happy is in love with her college crush Guddu (Ali Fazal). Happy’s family is against their marriage and hence on the wedding night, she decides to elope away with Guddu and live happily ever after but unfortunately things don’t fall in place,

After landing in the wrong truck, Happy reaches Pakistan at the residence of Bilal (Abhay Deol), the son of ex-governor of Lahore, who is engaged to Zoya (Momal Sheikh), a daughter of a reputed businessman.
After a lot of Chaos, Bilal decides to help Happy find her way back home.
But Happy is in no mood to return back to India
What happens next forms the cruz of the story but has a predictable ending.

After the debacle ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’ Director Mudassar Aziz is back with a bang.
He has handled particular scenes with a lot of conviction, considering its cross border run-com theme.
After ‘Nil Battey Sanata’ Aanand L Rai and Krishika Lulla once again have produced an entertaining film for the family audiences especially me, who craves to see such films in today’s time.

Technical :

The first half is tight & bang on point but the second half sightly seems to lose plot and we are left looking for something that will make us laugh.

Needless to say, the climax of the film is quite stretched but ends on a good note ( quite predictable though).

The love tri- angle in this film between Momal, Abhay & Diana is touched upon but its potential is never fully realized.

The film has several striking resemblances to TWM, which makes sense because Happy Bhag Jayegi is an Anand L Rai production too & will stay with you for quite some time.

Diana’s character is not very charming or sweet..yet she is described as the queen of hearts..I wonder why ?

Mudassar Aziz’s writing is commendable in most of the parts. His dialogues are played with words of Hindi and Urdu. Few, Gags incorporated are fresh and brilliantly incorporated in the plot.

The film gives out a strong message ‘Follow your heart, Run where your heart takes you without any fear.

Being an Eros film, the movie has good production values & is technically well-crafted.
The visuals, back-ground score and music by Mr Sohail Sen are very beautiful,soothing & suits the film.


Performances :

Happy doesn’t pull off the film, its the supporting star cast who steal the show.

To begin with, Abhay Deol is in full form & does good justice to his character.
No one else could have played this role with such perfection as him.

Ali Fazal is smooth & spontaneous as the helpless boyfriend.

Diana Penty who had debuted with ‘Cocktail’, does a decent job 7 is quite lovable through out.

Jimmy Shergill once again gets ditched lolz, and the producers have encashed this trick very well.


New comer Momal sheikh is watchable as a possessive beautiful fiancée.

Lastly , Piyush Mishra steals the show as the impeccable Urdu speaking Pakistani Cop.

Verdict :

Overall, ‘Happy Bhag Jayegi’ is perfect for a weekend film with your family..Bhag to the theatres this weekend. Recommended


My Review : Rustom

What would you have done? If you knew that your wife was having an extra-marital affair with your friend? Would you have cold bloodily murder her lover or would have just kept quite ??
If you ask me..I, currently will not have any answer at this point..anyway, one of the most awaited film of the year, Neeraj Pandey’s production venture ‪#‎Rustom‬ releases today & I chose to watch it over ‪#‎Mohenjodaro‬.

So, Before You Watch Akshay Kumar’s Rustom, I would like to share some facts about The Nanvati Case, the entire film is based on.

This very case has inspired several Bollywood movies, plays and books including R K Nayar’s Ye Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke (1963) starring Sunil Dutt and Leela Naidu, Gulzar’s Achanak (1973) starring Vinod Khanna and Lily Chakraborty and Indra Sinha’s book The Death of Mr Love (2002).

This is a story involving an extra-marital affair that resulted in a murder. The trial of the murderer garnered unprecedented media coverage and the circumstances in which the murder took place resulted in huge public sympathy for him.
This is also one of the first cases through which the maverick lawyer, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, came into the limelight for the first time.

Original /Film story :

Kamas Maneckshaw Nanavati was an Indian Naval Officer who had settled in Mumbai with his English wife, Sylvia, and their two children. As his work required him to be away from his family for long periods of time, his wife began an affair with his friend Prem Ahuja. Sylvia wanted to divorce Nanavati and marry Ahuja, but he refused. Unable to take the refusal, she revealed about the affair to Nanavati when he returned to his family.
Nanavati controlled his anger. He dropped Sylvia and their two children to a nearby cinema hall, proceeded to the Naval Docks from where he withdrew his pistol and six cartridges on an excuse, finished his shift and went to Ahuja’s office.
As he did not find him there. He proceeded to Ahuja’s flat and confronted him there asking whether he would marry Sylvia and take in his children.
He refused.,.Nanavati shot him dead.

Technical :

The debatable question, whether the killing was a premeditated murder or an act of self-defence, forms the story line of this two and half hour plus film.

Script writer Vipul Rawal offers nothing new that is not available on the public forum. The first half of the film is really bad, boring,luck luster & directionless.

The sub-plot, which is introduced forcefully, to give a patriotic slant to Rustom’s character and justify his action, is predictable and looks forced.

Humour in the second half of the film especially in the court room scenes offers a small measure of relief in an otherwise predictable & bad told narrative.

The 1960 era has been recreated very tackily with an overdose of sepia tones, orange colored skies, yellowish Backgrounds etc

.The second half shows a lot of promise in the court room and although there are a few interesting moments, it fails to engross you & make you sit at the edge of your seat.
The plot definitely had the potential to be a fast racy thriller, but unfortunately the potential was not well exploited.

The scene where the jury members debate over the outcome of the case looks very childish & unprofessional.

.The film lacks the element of excitement & real emotion:..therefore, ends up as a total Dud.

Why the hell does the focus shift from the extra-marital affair plot to a patriotic story…I guess, in order to make Akshay’s character Rustom a Hero rather than calling him a murderer.

Btw, the actual reason why Rustm’s wife decides to cheat on him coz he doesn’t listen to her & goes on a 6 month long sail. So in-order to get back at him as she felt abandoned & lonely. That’s basically, what led to the affair in the first place..How lame-(-(

Performances :

Akshay Kumar does a decent job as Rustom Pavri with good conviction. A husband who is passionately in love with his wife. He is totally fabulous in the courtroom scenes.

Illeana D’Cruz as Cynthia Pavri, is quite convincing & looks very beautiful.

Arjan Bawa as the manipulative and flamboyant Sindhi businessman, Vikram Makhija, essays his role with great conviction & honesty.

Esha Gupta as Preeti Makhija, is just about okay but still managed to look hot.

Kumud Mishra as Erach Billimoria, the editor of the tabloid is brillaint & adds the right dose of humour to the film.

Sachin Khedekar as the Public Prosecutor, Kangani, is good and Pavan Malhotra as the Investigating Officer, Vincent Lobo, delivers an extraordinary performance.

A special mention goes to my friend Samir Shah for the good performance in a small role. Hope to see a lot more of you sir.

Though the actors perform well, they fail to save the film & its bad treatment-(

Verdict :

Overall, Rustom” could have been more fast paced & thrilling, but fails instead-( A one time watch

PS : I am not watching Mohenjodaro…No time to waste-

Why do we all Love Mahira Khan ?

I am not a professional blogger or an extraordinary gifted writer, but being an impulsive person,  I just wanted to speak my heart out & dedicate this blog to my one & only favourite celebrity Mahira Khan, who has inspired me to always have hope.

To make it special, short and crisp, I really wanted to write an article, only talking about my favourite actor Mahira Khan & also highlight the reasons why we (especially me) totally adore & love her!

To begin my article, I first would like to talk about Mahira Khan’s smile. Believe you me; her attractive smile can brighten up an entire room! It can make your day & make you feel good about yourself. Her smile still has the innocence of a child..melts the heart so easily.

After veteran actors like Madhubala & Meena Kumari, she is the only other actress whose warm smile have enchanted an entire generation of admirers who would love to get a glimpse of the actress.

Julia Roberts may have a similar million watt smile but it’s just not as beautiful as our diva’s

Actress-Mahira-Khan - Copy

Following her body of work, Right from Khirad in Humsafar to Manizeh in ’Ho mann Jahan’, she has done it all. In her ‘not so long’ successful career in Pakistan, Mahira Khan has set a place for herself which no one else can reach, take or steal. It will forever be hers and she will always go down in the history as the ruling queen of Pakistan Cinema.

It’s not just the Acting skills that we like her for. We love her for her charisma, her dazzling smile, her trendsetting fashion sense, her openness about her life, the empowering characters that she played and the list goes on and on. SHE’S A ROLE MODEL for many.

Do you guys remember Mahira playing Khirad in ‘Humsafar’? ( I bet u guys do) Could you guys feel her emotions then? Such a powerful performance!! No one could have done it better! Then there are movies like Bol, BinRoye , Manto & Ho Mann Jahaan, where her performance lingered in our minds long after we left the theatre. According to me, Mahira Khan is a perfect actress & the next big screen legend, you should watch out for.

Besides being a ravishing beauty, Mahira Khan is known for her ability to choose her roles wisely. Carving out for herself, a substantial niche in the industry, she evolved into giving more perfect performance with every film. Winning several Awards for her lead roles in films & television, her spontaneous and vivacious energy captivated the audiences and critics alike!

1430070893047 - Copy                       FB_IMG_1428723399969

Now, if I just have to lay more emphasis on her dancing prowess. But have you ever noticed how many of her movies revolve around dance? Remember that time in Bin Roye when she danced her heart out on Balle Balle?  & How can we forget her dance in the song ‘ Shakar Wardaan’ from the film Ho Mann Jahaan.

By the way, if you follow me on twitter, you will get to see Mahira Khan’s first dance performance on stage. She absolutely nailed it flawlessly & never for a second, I found her to be nervous (Which she claims she was, lolz).


Apart from being a versatile actress, my favourite actor Mahira khan is a perfect model  & can suit all the leading brands! Her nature and her magnetic personality can still make any man, go weak in his knees (I have fallen for it already).

She is probably the only new actress (from across the border) who has been cast opposite the biggest Khan of Bollywood in her debut film! How cool is that?! Not just that, she has also worked with ALL mainstream celebrities of Pakistan. Does any other actor have that on their resume? We doubt it!!

She is undoubtedly one of the few actors, who has gained international recognition through social media websites (Twitter, Youtube etc).  After all, all of us have watched Humsafar, Sher-e-zaat, Sadqay Tumhare on YouTube right from our own homes & have ended up becoming  a big fan of her work.

Yes. She is THAT successful!

Luckily, I did get an opportunity to meet her at Vogue Style Awards, Mumbai & so I would love to write about her simplicity as well.  Mahira Khan is sweet, rooted and down to earth in spite of enjoying immense fan following. It was a pleasure meeting her & would love to meet her again..


Mahira Khan & me (Vogue Style awards)

In spite of being a Super Star, Mahira Khan is a doting & a proud mother. Her star status doesn’t keep her from fussing over her cute son Azlaan and she is known to be keenly involved in his upbringing. Though she is a very busy actor, she still manages time to give equal attention to her son. The actress is extremely close to her cute adorable son Azlaan and loves to be with him.

There can be nobody who can compete with her. She is a doting Mom, a talented actress, a beautiful person & ofcoz  the ‘Khan of all Seasons’  and  I really hope post Raees, she also rules parts of Bollywood!

How can we not love her now? We love watching her on screen. We idolised her. We always support her and danced to her tunes. She has become an integral part of not only my life but other fans too.. Just how can we not love her? I am a proud Mahirian, love her to bits & will remain a loyal fan forever.


Deep Basu

( Mahira Khan’s biggest fan on earth)



Deep Basu