My Review : DISHOOM

So, Director Rohit Dhawan’s second directorial film Dishoom finally releases & trust me its a big punch on your face-(

After the forgettable Desi Boyz, Dishoom in the name of entertainment,is only about style but no substance.

Plot :

The story is quite promising, as it revolves around the kidnapping of Indian cricketer Virat Sharma (Saqib Saleem) just two days before the final match between India and Pakistan, Virat gets abducted in Middle East.

Indian special task force agent Kabir Shergill is hired on this case. He then picks up Junaid Ansari (Varun Dhawan) a fresher, carefree Arab cop as his partner on the case.

In the process, they meet Ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez) who’s a pick pocketer by choice and forms an important link to finding Virat’s kidnapper’s whereabouts.

Will Kabir and Junaid succeed on their mission? Will they catch hold of Wagah (Akshaye Khanna), who is the real mastermind is what lies ahead.


The film is projected as a fast-paced caper. It’s got style,FJ Cruisers, speed boats and drone based action sequences., but the plot keeps diverting and stops the film from moving ahead.

The first half is good & keeps you hooked but the second half gradually begins to divert & forgets the fact, what it had set out to do.

The scenes are laden with cliches & the few scenes are totally wasted & brings about no surprises for the audience.

The script writer’s have written the film, clearly aiming for laughs, and even when it gets lost along the way, by some unnecessarily elaborate action sequences, it still provides a fair bit of humour.

Action scenes are well captured and especially the final one with Varun and John hanging onto the helicopters.

As a whole, the film does comes alive only in bits and pieces, but not enough to impress you.

Performances :

John Abraham He really needs to act now. It’s just not interesting to see him with his huge body playing the tough guy. Most of the scenes, he is just seen smoking with a serious face. He had no challenge in the film.

Varun Dhawan ‘s character as Junaid is once again the chirpy chocolate boy type. Nonetheless, he is extremely lovable and instantly grabs your attention in the film with his comic timing. USP of the film.

Chemistry between Varun & John is quite sparkling.

Jackqueline fernandez like all the time, hardly has any role. Her sexy moves in Sau Tarah Ke song make-up for most of that missing acting.

Dishoom’s villains are a letdown, not even properly evil in a matching comic-book way. Neither Rahul Dev nor Akshaye Khanna lack the terror. In spite of being a good actor and the main antagonist in the film, gets no scope & limited screen time. A total waste.

Saqib Saleem who is seen as Virat Sharma, the player does a decent job.

Nargis Fakhri is seen in two scenes and her entry in the bikini is sure to grab good amount of eye balls.

Akshay Kumar will surprise the hell out of you in his cameo. Watch out for his hilarious act.

Parineeti Chopra’s item number is quite peppy & ends the film with a lot of glamour.

Music :

Music of the film by Pritam is above average as it takes off with Toh Dishoom. Sau Tarah Ke will definitely entertain the crowds. The background score could hv been better.

Verdict :

Overall, Dishoom movie is a predictble film & a formula potboiler that serves the purpose of entertainment if you’re looking for some entertaining moments. Try It


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