My Review :Brahman Naman

Prelude :

So, Yesterday night, once again I got the opportunity to attend the
All India Premiere show of the upcoming english language film Brahman Naman. ( uncensored)
Thanks to my twin bro Jeet Basu for arranging special exclusive passes for me ( Your MAMI contacts came in handy bro).

I was in two minds, before watching this very film uncensored, because I had already watched the trailer and trust me it was raunchy as hell with no-holds-barred raunchiness.
On one hand I was curious and on the other hand I was a little uncomfortable.

After getting rave reviews at Sundance, the coming of age nerd sex comedy will stream exclusively on Netflix worldwide later this year.
This global push for Brahman Naman feeds into both the company’s expansion plans in India as well as targeting the large Indian fans of Indian cinema around the world.

Review :

Coming back to the film, this time the maker of the cult movie Gandu Q who is considered one of India’s most provocative indie filmmakers; his filmography includes Gandu, Tasher Desh and Ludo brings you a teen sex comedy, Brahman Naman,talks about three sexually-starved teenagers who set out to win the National Quiz Championship.
Their goal is not only to win the championship but also to lose their virginity.
The mood and the style of the film is set to a classic rock soundtrack (including Rod Stewart’s ‘Infatuation’ and Jethro Tull’s ‘Locomotive Breath’),along with a number of scenes hinting at masturbation and oral sex.

Technical :

Barring the story/ plot,Mr Q is technically sound and I just love his visuals. According to me the story could have been better as it somehow loses track and gets boring.
Though no doubt there’s enough meat here already to trouble local censors lollsz
The team imvolved in making this film is pretty renowned such as the co-producers are Celine Loop and Steve Barron, whose credits as a director include 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and iconic music videos such as Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean” and Dire Straits’ “Money for Nothing.”

Performances :

Brahman Naman stars Shashank Arora (who starred in Titli ) as the title character who leads his quiz-team members, with Tanmany Dhanania and Chaitanya Varad as his colleagues.
The cast also includes Vaiswath Shankar, Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy and Sid Mallya.

The entire cast were simply amazing and energetic.

Verdict :

Brahman Naman is Indian cinema at its boldest and unpleasantly funny, I was a bit uncomfortable watching it..I do not know about you guys. watch it at your risk.


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