My Review : 7 Hours to Go

Prelude :
Frankly speaking, I rarely get passes or invites to movie premieres or screenings.
This time, I was kinda lucky..Thank you to my friend cum brother Ujwal Heffa, who was sweet enough to invite me for the Premiere show of the upcoming hindi film 7 Hours To Go Movie which releases this Friday.
So, if I have to count..this is my 6th Movie premiere experience..and like always, I have no regrets with this one too.

Review :

It’s difficult to explain ‘what a decent watch’ the film 7 Hours to Go. is without giving away too much about the film.
Coz believe me, it’s a film best seen without any expectations or impressions. It’s a film whose charm lies in its unraveling.

Films about terrorists holding a city to ransom aren’t a novel concept anymore.
It’s a theme that’s been exploited many times over in the movies, especially in standard Bollywood action films & also Hollywood Films

What elevates 7 hours to go from an average action hostage thriller is the fact that it comes loaded with a very solid tight first half and It’s well-intended and makes its point emphatically.

Synopsis :

After the success of ‘Mickey Virus’ directed by Saurabh Varma gives us 7 Hours To Go is pegged a “crisp thriller” about a man who witnesses an incident in a courthouse in Mumbai and is forced to take hostages. He gives the Mumbai police seven hours to solve the mystery.

Technical :

The movie begins absolutely to the point and keeps us hooked till the intermission point. The fast cuts, steady cam movements, fast visuals keeps the first half fast paced and intriguing.
The first half will tend to confuse you and make you ask a lot of questions..I guess the director consciously executed this way inorder to keep us guessing till the end.

The second half, post intermissiom lies the problem, the entire plot ends up to a convenient & hurried ending. Few explanations seemed unconvincing and remains un-solved.
The motivations towards the climax did not sound novel & believable.

The jarring background score used to create suspense and the overdramatic slo-mo stylization and jump cuts of the characters are about the only things that irritated me.

Dissecting the film in further detail would amount to giving away too much, and I don’t want to make that mistake.
7 Hours To Go may not be a perfect film – there are clichés that could have been easily avoided, and you may or may not agree with the convenient end – but the film still makes a very important point, and does it bravely, so you’re willing to overlook its handful of flaws.

Performances :

The director assembles an ensemble of fine actors who perform their roles competently .

To begin with Varun Badola does an amazing job as the ACP ghatke, he is undountedly one of the USP of the film.

Shiv Pandit – shines in this film with a performance that is measured and meticulous. It’s the most challenging of all roles in this film and the other actors allow Pandit to steal the film.

Meanwhile, Sandeepa Dhar is decent but I some how feel she doesnot have the screen presence or the body language of a tough cop, she is only made for romantic flicks.

New comer RJ Rohit Vir does a swell job as the main villain, he has a great screen presence and a strong deep voice ( A reputed Mumbai RJ afterall). he will go a long way.

I was very happy to see my buddy Aakash Dabhade who plays his character with a lot of conviction like always. ( Best Hai !)

Verdict :

Overall, 7 Hours To Go is a watchable thriller with a lot of twists and turns.
It belongs in the same space as the ‘A Wednesday’ & the Speed.
This flick releases this Friday, you can give it a try this weekend.


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