To My Fav actor Mahira Khan ( From India with Love)


My Fav Actor Mahira Khan,

Dear Mahira Khan,

I know that you’re a very famous and a top actor in Pakistan right now (obviously) and every guy out there says you’re the ‘woman of their dreams’ and they’re your biggest fan.

But Mahira, trust me when I say this – I am your biggest fan. Don’t let all of those other male fans fool you. I guess you have also noticed my tweets n my constant love towards you.

It’s genuine and has been since the last one n half years.

The first time I realized you could very possibly be my favourite female celeb of all time was when I saw you in ‘Humsafar’ playing the character Khirad (without make-up lolzz…still looked breathlessly beautiful)

The day I received your first tweet, wishing me on my birthday might, not might..infact it was one of the best days of my life so far– it was a magical moment, Mahira.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much been obsessed with you since then. Like, I could watch ‘Humsafar’ & ‘ TUC –The lighter side of Life’ every day and not get tired listening to you and watch you perform.

Your interviews, songs and your talk shows are pretty much my fav YouTube videos of all time.

I’d like to say I do have pictures of you on my bedroom wall,at my work desk as well on my Laptop wall paper, my Coffee mug, My T-shirt & of coz my Cell phone wall paper. And when you won Asia’s top 10 Sexiest Actor this year… well, let’s just say I was so ready to protest on your behalf coz I wanted your name to be on number one lolz.

So, my favourite actor here’s what I’m really trying to say: we can be really good friends.

It might not seem like we have anything in common, but we totally do: we both love Woody Allen Films, ’Pyaasa’ seems to be both our top favourite films.  We even make the same verbal expression ‘Uff’, when we spot something extremely beautiful.

You live in Karachi and I live in Mumbai, so we’re totally on the same page.

Waiting for the day that we meet. When you come down to Mumbai, try calling me..would love to meet you ( my fav actor).

I am not a bore..I m quite entertaining trust me.. I will keep writing to you and give my love to you, hope you get to know me more.

PS: If someday you think of quitting films (Hope never)..But if you do…I will still be loyal and devoted to you. ..That’s a promise.. After all A fan is fan…for life…I am a true #Mahirian.


Your Favourite Fan

DEEP BASU –  Mumbai  (MyContact – 9619023659)

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