My Review : Te3n

Prelude :

So, the most anticipated Amitabh Bachchan, Nawazzudin & Vidya Balan starrer Te3n releases the previous day and guess what? I have already watched it.
Yesterday Post Work, I managed to get two tickets ( my brother and I) for the 11 o’clock show and enthusiastically went ahead and watched it.
When, the movie began, I automatically got more and more involved in it and loved each and every frame of the film.
I told myself that whatever is the faith of the film or what ever the film turns out to be towards the end..I will give it a good review because this entire fllm’s story is based in my city ‘Kolkata’, which I have not visited since 2015 ( one n half years).
So watching my city showcased so beautifully in the film made me pretty nostalgic and walk down the memory lane.
But, I dint quite stand by my words towards the end of the film…let me tell you why ?

Review :

The dark and gripping film tells us the story of a man whose granddaughter died in a tragic kidnapping incident. The movie has an eerie deja vu like feel to Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’.
I cant help but state that the the basic plot of the movie seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from a 2013 Korean movie called ‘Montage’.

Both have the same element of a kidnapping being repeated in a similar fashion. And both the movies have an obsessed grandfather and a guilt-ridden cop who failed to solve the case in the first go.

Btw this wouldn’t be the first time Bollywood has drawn inspiration from Korean cinema. ‘Murder 2’ was a blatant rip off of the Korean movie ‘Chaser’. ‘Awaarapan’ draws heavily from ‘A Bittersweet Life’. The most famous ones, though, are ‘Zinda’ which is an almost scene by scene copy of the Korean cult classic ‘Oldboy’ and ‘Ek Tha Villain’ from ‘I Saw The Devil’.

Technical :

It’s never an easy task to take on a subject that’s quite new and rare in Bollywood all the more when you’re still a novice filmmaker.
Murder mysteries have not been an important part of Bollywood cinema . Hence, it’s getting harder for directors to deliver breathtaking suspense without referring to some well-known plot elements.

Newcomer Director Ribhu Dasgupta (his debut film Michael did not release) tries to set the bar high for his first feature.
The movie never actually looks clichéd as its source of inspiration.

The storyline begins off well but tends to become sluggish as the plot thickens.
The film looses grip and gets boring and slow paced in order to arrive at a climax that’s as surprising as it is compelling.

Plot :

The film begins introduces a 8-yeard old kidnapping/murder case of a young grand daughter , thus making the prime suspect, who’s still hiding somewhere in the open, untouchable.
This horrifying incident left two people completely devastated – John Biswas , the grand father of the dead girl and Martin the policeman assigned to the case .

Finding himself in a state of utter helplessness, Martin quits his job, while John Biswas confronts his worst nightmares and chooses to look further for clues all on his own.

A few days later a young boy is abducted while spending time outdoors with his grandfather and all signs point to the same kidnapper.
Knowing Martin’s expertise, the perplexed policemen ‘Sarita Sarkar decide to give him a call.
Not very eager to get on with the same case, he reluctantly accepts an invitation to join yet another intense manhunt, but soon finds himself at odds with former co-workers, who start searching for the truth in all the wrong paces.
On the other hand, John Biswas simply can’t agree with the proceedings, and once again goes solo in pursuit of an unpredictable and sharp-witted criminal, who outsmarts the police in a similarly effortless manner like he did 8 years ago.
Rest…The climax has a major unexpected twist.

Well, the title of the film is Te3n because the plot centers on three characters, each with their own reason to be interested in the recent case.
Ribhu concentrates on creating a sharp and steady atmosphere of mystery but loses sight of the main characters.

Performances :

Amitabh Bachchan – He is the USP of the film. He holds the entire film on his shoulders and keeps you glued with his remarkable performances.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not very well exploited in the film and the same goes with Vidya Balan .

Performances of the supporting cast is decent and good.

Overall, Te3n’s main strength comes from its ability to stay plausible until the very end, without leaving any questions unanswered.
Ribhu tries very cleverly to manipulate the audience with a number of deliberate plot holes not only in the investigation but also in the retrospection, yet somehow arrives at a conclusion that is truly unpredictable.
But, I personally feel that film could have been better, fast paced and more intriguing.

When the last plot twist arrived I din quite find myself in awe of how effective Te3n really was as I could easily connect the dots before the movie ended. A one time watch…watch it for Big B.


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