My Review : The Waiting

What do you do when your loved one is fatally ill and suffering? You have no option but to wait and rely on hopes and expectations.
Those endless hours waiting at the hospital lobby for a reassuring nod from the doctor is what Waiting tries to explore.
This film is a sincere and honest effort to showcase the psychology of fear and the power of hope.

Plot :

Waiting unfolds in a posh Kochi hospital – where two grieving individuals meet and strike a rapport, despite a huge age difference.
Naseeruddin Shah ’s character Professor Shiv Natraj has been waiting in the hospital for eight months hoping that his wife, Pankaja (Suhasini Mani Ratnam), would rise from her coma and smile,
Also waiting at the same hospital is Tara Kapoor (Kalki Koechlin ) — young,goodlooking and frank– whose husband, Rajat, (Arjun Mathur), is also critical with a brain injury after a road accident.
So, while Natraj lives on hope & expectations, often challenging doctors with his medical knowledge that he picks up from scientific journals,
Tara is frustrated and cannot believe that this terrible thing could have happened to her, and just weeks after her marriage.

Technical :

Waiting is also about the different shades of friendship that exist, and how they change over time. The generation gap between Natraj and Tara is presented with a lot of humour.
Shiv is an old-school man who believes in set patterns. His day begins at 6 every morning with the ring of the bedside alarm clock.

Tara is the exact opposite: an atheist, she is always on the edge and has a foul mouth which leads to various emotional outbursts.

One of the best scenes : What is Twitter? asks Natraj, a question surprises Tara, who instantly comes up with one.” It is a notice board where one collects followers, thousands of them”
But soon realises the honesty of it all, for not one of her followers or facebook friends is there at the hospital to support her.

Dialogues by Atika Chohan are so real and genuinely placed. Screenplay by Anu Menon, Atika Chohan and James Ruzicka is the backbone of the film.
The characters of the film will stay with you till the last frame. The interesting part of Waiting is its editing, Apurva Asrani and Nitin Baid made this 1 hr 40 minutes worth watching.

Waiting’ is a refreshing film that will hold you right up till its open ended climax.
Director Anu Menon who made her directorial debut with Ali Zafar and Aditi Rao Hydari starrer ‘London Paris New York’, is surely back with another unconventional story line.
She is back after a 4 year break with this heart touching film.

Performances :

Naseeruddin Shah has done a commendable job as the helpless loving old husband.
On the other hand, Kalki Koechlin plays her character with a lot of finesse- a newly wed wife who is trying several ways to save her husband.
Rajat Kapoor as a firm indifferent doctor makes his presence felt in his small yet powerful role.
Arjun Mathur looks good and has a pleasant on-screen presence. Tamil actress Suhasini Maniratnam did a commendable job as a nagging yet loving wife.

Verdict :

In the coarse of time, Shiv and Tara seeks each other’s support and become friends. Will Shiv and Tara be able to overcome the fear of loosing their loved one? This is what you have to watch ‘Waiting’ for

This film gives us various memorable moments . Thankyou Manish Mundrafor producing such a film-)-) Waiting should not be missed.


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