My Review : Phobia

Prelude :

According the the english dictionary, the actual meaning of ‘Phobia’ is defined as an extreme or irrational fear or dislike of a specified thing or group.
So, after watching the film, I asked myself “What is my Phobia”? Do I have an extreme fear ? Do I fear a particular thing ??
After a lot of thinking, I came to the conclusion that I do have certain fears ( will not reveal it) but no extreme ones.
But, there is a group of people who go through and constant fears and experiences.

Pavan Kirpalani’s third directorial venture (after Ragini MMS and Darr @ the Mall) juggles with familiar ingredients of the genre – fear, shock, surprise – with a strong plot revolving around fear.

Synopsis :

A sexual assault survivor, the film’s main female protagonist is an independent artist Mehek Deo who is trapped and terrorized by sounds and visuals in her empty apartment.

At the beginning, I did not feel the freshness as it showcases all the ingredients of a regular horror flick. Right from a flat with an eerily locked room, a cracked mirror, a bloodied bath-tub, a black cat etc.
I will not call this film a flawless film or a logical film but the riveting performance by Radhika Apte as a painter lifts the film to a different level.

Phobia is a effectively filmed psychological thriller about a woman whose mind plays with her.

Mehek believes that the house she lives in is the same house where the previous occupant, another woman, was murdered and she suspects the funny looking architect next door, Mannu (Ankur Vikal) of performing that crime.

Late in the second half, the protagonist, her ‘I dont believe you’ boyfriend Shaan (Satyadeep Mishra) and a chirpy young neighbour Nikki (Yashashvini Dayama) get together to perform a ritual (Planchit) in order to call the spirit that they think is hovering over the house.

A couple of scenes will put you on the edge of the seat, and the suspense is definitely nail biting.
The intermission scene will definitely scare the hell out of you.

Performances :

The supporting cast were just about okay: Satyadeep Mishra a friend who only wants sex, Ankur Vikal as the creepy neighbor who has a funny laughter, the newcomer Yahaswini Dayama as a friendly, inquisitive girl who keeps showing up even when she’s not wanted.
The USP of the film is the bold n beautiful Radhika Apte who keeps you glued and reeled in. She’s consistently been doing interesting work. With this one she has raised the bar and it has to be one of her best acts so far.

Verdict :

Though there are parts of the film that are left unexplained. ‪#‎Phobia‬ is a decent thriller which will surprise you after a long time.
A Must Watch


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