My Review : Sarabjit

Prelude :
Before, I get down with the review, I would like to shamefully confess that I did not know or was aware of an individual name or the sensitive unfortunate case about an individual named ‘Sarabjit’ until Mr Omang Kumar announced that he was making a film on Sarabjit’s life.
Feeling like an illiterate, I quickly googled ‘Sarabjit’ and was quite shocked and heart broken to hear his actual story and how his sister Dalbir fought the battle of justice.
So, naturally I was very thrilled and was looking forward to watch this very biographical film which has been produced by Vashu Bhagnani and directed by Omung Kumar.
Actress Aishwarya Rai played the role of Singh’s sister, Dalbir Kaur, while, Randeep Hooda and Richa Chada essayed the role of Sarbjit Singh and his wife, Sukhpreet, respectively.
The film finally released yesterday and I managed to watch it yesterday it self …..but Alas ! I was not at all impressed watching the the loud and insistent melodrama which tends to take away from the pathos of the main protagonist’s story.

Review :

Plot :

Sarbjit’s story has been well-researched.
He lived with his family—old father, wife Sukh and fiercely loyal sister Dalbir in a Punjab village close to the Indo-Pak border.
He accidentally in a drunken state strayed over the border line one night, and was nabbed by the Pakistani patrol.
That’s when he was put behind bars , tortured, whacked and hung upside down till he was forced into a false confession, and jailed.
His sister Dalbir ,takes up the fight on his behalf. And goes through the hard grind .

Technical :

There script is written in good intention, which talks about the horror of a human forced to suffer physical and mental torture, and later used as a political pawn between two countries.
But the treatment is tiresome and sentimental, and forces you into weeping without actually feeling or relating with the characters.
A real-life tale about a sister’s struggle to free her brother looks artificial but I guess Bollywood lacks that finesse.

-Despite being a very loud film, there are a few good scenes :

1)The Mini flashback scenes of Sarabjit with his family are touching.

2) In one of the sequence, we also see a shocked Aishwarya clinging on to her still-born child. Randeep convinces her to give up the infant’s body. a well written scene, containing rare winning subtle moments.

3) Another rare well written scene where Sarbjit’s family goes to meet him in jail. The frisking of the women in his family is disturbing and also offers a moment where the scene looks authentic in the movie.

Omang debut film, Mary Kom, had no flow from scene to scene and played random scenes on the life of a boxer.

This time the director relies entirely on disjointed narrative with ill-suited songs.

Performances :

Randeep Hooda suited the character and gives a very convincing performance..he stands out in the film.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan did not suit the part as she only screams, shouts and makes the character look very fake.

Richa Chadha and the talented Darshan Kumaar are totally wasted but are decent in their respectable parts.

Verdict :

Overall, Sarbjit Movie is a one time watch or you can give it a miss…It fails to deliver a touching, evokes a keen sense of sadness …instead shows us only melodrama. Give It A Miss !!!



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