My Review : Sairat

Prelude :

Yesterday, thank fully I did not have shoot and got an entire day off to myself.
So, apart from just lazying around I decided to watch the most ‘talked-about’ latest marathi film Sairat.
I being a total film buff, dont usually get an opportunity to watch or follow marathi films coz I do not understand the language Marathi.
One of my colleagues confirmed that this particular film has released with subtitles, so thats why I decided to go ahead and watched it.

Sairat, will be my second Marathi film at the theatres after ‘Tujhya Vin Mar Javaan’

I have always supported and showed keen desire to watch regional cinema .
I’ve watched a few acclaimed films already and found some films fascinating like ‘Dombivili Fast’ and ‘Pune 52’, Duniyadari, Harish Chandra Fcatory etc Then there’s ‘Natsamrat’, which I unfortunately missed-(
It’s not about difference in themes but freshness in treatment.
Most of our life stories are similar. Only the screenplay is different. Marathi and Malayalam cinema portray similar stuff and believe in same knid of cinema and ‘realism’

Review :

Frankly speaking, there is nothing new about the poor-boy-rich-girl love story in Sairat. Talented Director Nagaraj Manjule has said that his film is a tribute to the classic love stories of mainstream Hindi cinema like QayamatSe Qayamat Tak and Ek Duuje Ke Liye.

Unlike the Bollywood films, Sairat is not a very stylish n colourful romantic film showcasingnice rich colourful frames
or a good looking pair. It doesnot involve the cuteness of Bollywood love sagas.

The plot outline of Sairat basically talks about a ultimate protest against any kind of opposition to two individuals in love.


A fisherman’s son, a Kale, is in love with the landlord’s daughter, a Patil.
The fall in love and they start seeing each other.
Secretly at first, but their meeting gets frequent with passing time. The problem is that Aarchi is not just from the upper class, her father (Vishwakarma) is a powerful politician, and her brother Prince (Pawar) is following his footsteps.
Their entire affair becomes a recipe for trouble, and as expected, trouble arrives.
Parshya with the help of his friends, Baalya (Galgunde) and Salya (Shaikh), they decide to make a run for it, but fate has other plans. They run away to Hyderabad, and make a life there. They get married, have a kid. The rest of the story is about their struggle..the climax will give you goosebumps.

Technical :

The Director Mr. Manjule didn’t feel the need to make the pair look perfect, the real treatment of the film doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

The script is strong and keep you hooked through out. Birds are well used in the film.
Sometimes you will notice the birds flying in the air in complex formations, shapes seamlessly bending inwards and inverting to become other shapes, as when Parshya and Archie first admit their love for each other.

The film is visually good and few shots scenes and shots have been very creatively designed and executed.

1) When Parshya decides to give Archie a love letter ..the transition shots beween the scenes are well executed and shown.

2) The high speed shots of Parshya swimming and running looks rich and brings about a good build up.

3) The top angle shots using Drone look breathakingly beautiful.

The dramatic scenes look realistic, effortlessly manipulating your emotions.

I personally found the film very disturbing and heart breaking, The film’s narrative is realistic, gritty, intense and will give you goose bumps.
I really cannot say how many people will enjoy it but it will have a lasting impression on your mind for quite some time.

My only complaint is that Sairat is too long and could easily have been shorter by at least by 30 minutes.
This would have helped greatly in the overall impact. Ther films tends to drag a little post climax.

Performances :

The characters are all stereotypes with a slight difference in the shades. All the performances are real and well one seems to go over the top or look superficial.

Verdict :

Overall, Sairat is not a real version of Shakespeare’s Rome & Juliet but a real film which talks about a love story about two socially unequal people.

While I recommend it, I’d also warn the audience to watch it with a strong heart and please spread the word after you like it.


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