My Review : Baaghi

Prelude :

Ok ! friends..let me be loud and clear…I have become a big fan of Tiger Shroff..oh yes I have.-)
I am really glad and happy that the previous night, I managed to watch his second film Baaghi: Rebels in Love and after seeing Tiger Shroff’s intro scene, where he is completely positioned upside down, balancing his full weight on a thumb and forefinger. It is was an impressive sight, to see someone so fit, so flexible, so much in command of his body.

Anything that involves a great deal of hands, legs, torso, head, all moving in perfect sync, it is a pleasure to see Tiger is full action mode flawlessly performing that is. But honestly, I can’t say the same thing for his‘acting’, he still needs to go a long way, but I guess the action genre is best for him.

Plot :

Ronnie meets Sia in a train journey and they immediately get attracted to each other after dancing in a rain shower. At the same time Sia catches the eye of Raghav, a gangster who also becomes infatuated with her.
Ronnie keeps bumping into Sia coincidentally every time it rains and they fall in love. PP. Khurana , Sia’s dad, is a typical black sheep with all kinds of bad habits.
Raghav approaches him with the marriage proposal and Khurana jumps on that and immediately agrees.
He then successfully creates clashes between lovers and convinces Sia that Ronnie is the culprit and leaves with her to the city.
Infuriated Raghav kidnaps Sia from a shooting spot and tries to change her mind about marrying him.
Movie producer gets tensed as shooting was paused and Khurana advises him to approach Ronnie as he believes ronnie still loves Sia. Ronnie agrees go and fight Raghav for Sia.

Technical :

Unlike Heropanti, this film is fast paced and double the action: the scene shifts at a frenetic pace from dancing to gravity-defying fight moves.
You cant help but notice that Baaghi is a mix of various international karate flicks like the karate kid,enter the dragon, The Raid.
Most of the fights here are choreographed in claustrophobic spaces, and thus everything rests on Tiger’s flexibility to take the film forward.
Its an out n out action film ,so you can’t expect a logical screenplay-(
First half of the film is neat. Second half is dragged with prolonged action scenes .
The climax is routine and predictable.
This film has freshness in terms of locations because its shot in Kerela n Krabi by showcasing the landmarks of the town.
All the characters could have been established very strongly.

1) The relation between Tiger and his guru was not given much space and time. So, when the guru is murdered, you are not emotionally involved.
2) Raghav, a dutiful son suddenly murders his father for love ?? jow come?
3) Sunil Grover’s character Mr Khurana looks unrealistic
Strengths of the film are Tiger’s action scenes and his mesmerizing stunts.

Music :

The music of the film is composed by Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari & Manj Musik…the film is quite soothing.
The background music gels well with the scenes especially Raghav’s track.
Julius Packium has given a perfect sound to the film and made a deep impact on the audiences with his background track.


The second highlight of the film is excellent photography by Binod Pradhan.
He made the visuals of the film a treat to watch. Right from the fight sequences to the exotic locales such as the backwaters in Kerala to the breathtaking beaches of Thailand’s Krabi.
As the movie has the theme of rain interpolated with the love between the lead pair, its very difficult to shoot the film in way that it appears very natural on screen.

Performances :

Tiger Shroff– He is the USP of the film…he successfully carries the film on his shoulder. the characer Rony was tailor made for him.

Shraddha Kapoor -Shraddha is a big plus to the film. She is beautiful and her performance is natural. She danced very gracefully to the music and performs great action stunts with tremendous ease.

Telugu star Sudheer Babu is terrific as Raghav with his cruel acts. Sunil Grover is not apt as Shraddha’s father who looks for his own benefits at the cost his daughter’s future.

Verdict :

Overall, Baaghi is not a perfect film..but a must watch for action lovers-)-)Tiger Shroff is here to stay…go ahead and give it a try. I quite enjoyed it


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