My Review #LaalRang

My Review Laal Rang

Yesterday for a change, I happen to get off early from work and so naturally I had the entire ‘Saturday Night’ ahead of me.
Unexpectedly getting off early from work made me quite ‘Vela’ as I had made no concrete plans in advance.
My brother and I began to decide and make plans on how to spend the rest of the Sat night.
Being a hard core movie buff, the first thing that came to my mind was to watch ‘Neel Baaten Sanata’ but since it was a Saturday and the timings were not matching, we had to shift the plan to Tuesday. Now, the only film which was suiting our time was the latest Bollywood flick ‘Laal Rang’….I will not lie, I was reluctant and skeptical..Since, I did not see much promotions or hear ‘word of mouth’ about the film, I was in two minds…and Randeep Hooda was the only fact I went ahead and took a chance…did I regret it ? No I did not-)-)

Review :

As the title suggests, the film is about ‘blood’. More specifically, it’s about the blood bank scam, talking about the illegal sale of stolen blood. A significant issue and an intriguing idea for sure. It will take you to the world of Anurag Kashyap and Tigmanshu Dhulia.
But thankfully, it is not a very dark and a moody film.

Director Syed Ahmad Afzal who made his debut with a formula film “Youngistan” tries to take a more unconventional path with this one, and trust me he has done quite a decent job after all he has a terrific cast at his disposal lolzz.

Plot :

Shankar is a local goon, who runs the illegal business of blood theft and trading. He joins a government medical college so that he can get a diploma and also an easy access to blood banks and blood donation camps.
He meets Rajesh (Akshay Oberoi) and tries to befriend him, but Rajesh initially is not impressed by Shankar.

After hanging out with him, Rajesh slowly gets fascinated by Shankar’s personality and his RX100 bike and soon they become great friends and partners in crime.

Spending more time with Shankar, Rajesh learns how the whole business of blood-theft works even as he starts falling for his colleague Poonam.

Poonam on the other hand is money minded and wants a guy who has a good source of income. Rajesh quickly gets involved in the blood theft in order to earn quick money to impress Poonam.
Slowly as the business kicks off, Rajesh starts showing off his money to Poonam.
Poonam who is greedy incites Rajesh to get more and this brings friction between Rajesh and Shankar.

Due to this, things tend to get ugly between Shankar and Rajesh when the Rajesh starts demanding more money. Greed takes over their friendship and the two part ways, with Rajesh ending up doing business on his own.
The cops who have got the hint of this business enter the scene and are hell bent in getting Shankar and Rajesh behind bars….what happens next ?

Technical :

The plot and the story idea, on paper itself, is novel, intriguing enough to grab our attention but on screen the story loses its grip because of the unnecessary drama and could have been more gritty and hard-hitting.
The Cinematography is real and the constant aerial shots of Karnal itself give it a sense of grand film .
The first half is good and as the story unfolds, it manages to keep the audience engrossed.
Both the characters Shankar and Rajesh spread their charm and completely absorbs us into their personal lives and take us through the entire blood transfusion racket.

PS : All the characters speak in Haryanvi, which after a point becomes difficult for you to comprehend. If you don’t listen carefully, you may miss the point.

Performances :

The USP of the film is our very own Randeep Hooda who rules the screen with his powerful appearance. From playing a heart-broken lover to a cunning thief, he excels in every frame.
His command over the Hariyanvi dialect doesn’t take him a second to transform into a blood theft mafia man .In short, he is a chameleon.

While Akshay Oberoi is a revelation and he successfully imparts an endearing performance through out and it is Randeep and him who holds the plot together.

Pia Bajpai as Akshay’s pushy girlfriend is good but Meenakshi Dixit playing Randeep’s love interest is just about okay.

Verdict :

Overall, Laal Rang Movie will remotely remind you of the film ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ .I will not say that this film delivers the perfect punch but its worth the least once. If you love watchingRandeep Hooda on screen…A must watch-)-)


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