My Review : FAN

Prelude :

So, I finally watched the most awaited, most anticipated and most talked about SRK film ‪#‎FAN‬ the previous night,( could not manage the first show though-( )
Frankly speaking, I could somewhat relate to the character Gaurav Channa who has a fervent loyalty towards the super star ‘Aryan Khanna’.
The reason, I could relate to Gaurav’s character because I share the same obsession, loyalty and passion for the super star Mahira Khan (everybody knows, i guess) but I am not creepy, violent or deranged like him.
But. trust me I do a lot for Mahira Khan…
1) Cutting her Birthday cake
2) Purchasing personalized Mahira Khan merchandise
3) Promote her films and all her work online..etc

My close friends often ask me…Tu lagta kya hai Mahira Khan ka?? & my reply is “FAN”

After all..Connection bhi na, Kamaal ki cheez hai.. Bas ho gaya to gaya.. Mat puchho kaise.. ab yahi to hota hai connection , aur kya?.. wifi – Bluetooth se bhi zyada hai apna connection.. bas thoda sa hi fark hai.. wo Star Hai, aur me uska FAN..

Review :

Enough of the personal talks..let me get back to review…

To begin with, The plot idea/ concept of the movie #Fan is not novel or fresh. Two films have already been made in Hollywood with the same name and same plot outline.

1) The Fan (1981) – The plot follows a famous stage and film actress named Sally Ross who is stalked by a violent, deranged fan (Biehn), who begins to threaten her and destroy her life.

2) The Fan (1996) – revolves around the sport of baseball, exploring the overt dedication of some of its followers.

Synopsis :

A psychological thriller that revolves around the star driven culture of Bollywood. Bollywood Super star Aryan Khanna becomes the unhealthy focus of his look-alike fan Gaurav, who makes his life hell.

Technical :

The previous night, I went to watch #Fan with a great deal of trepidation, wondering how Maneesh Sharma and SRK’s latest flick would turn out: A Bollywood superstar playing himself & his biggest fan could either be an interesting watch or a complete Dud.

I am unhappy to report that the movie #Fan did not wrk for me as I found it so unrealistic, make believe and full of loop holes.

1) Gaurav Channa , who looks so much like Aryan doesn’t grab any eye balls or public attention in Mumbai…but in the second half, visitors at Madame Tussaud’s as well as the London police instantly believe him to be the movie star at one glance.

2) Few scenes in the film are not well etched out or written convincingly example – The ticket less train journey of Gaurav is blown out of proportion in the film and made it look like a big deal.

The entire first half goes in setting up the character Gaurav,
and also shows SRK’s own 25-year-long stardom and his crazy stardom.
3) The second half goes totally haywire as the movie star ‘Aryan Khanna’ decides to take matters into his own hands and confront his criminal fan head-on.

It is difficult to fathom why a Bollywood star like Aryan Khanna who can have anybody at his beck and call would stoop down to such a level and begin to chase his tormentor all by himself…It is so unbelievable.

4) Srk ‘s double role..Gaurav face looks artificial and not real…Close up shots make the face look so fake.

The climax is really bad…as it gets over on a violent and a negative note(-( The ending should have been better and inspiring…

Performances :

The Fan shows Sharukh Khan at his most dangerous and tragic. Gaurav has similarities to his previous characters from Darr & Anjam but on closer inspection, Gaurav is a unique character. He plays the character Gaurav, who is a man who was just never able to get a handle on his life and has allowed his obsessions to dictate the choices he has made along the way.

SRK is helped out by a more than decent supporting cast. Special thanks to Waluscha De Sousa . Shriya Pilgaonkar – Official & the talented Sayani gupta.

Overall, the mood of the film which isn’t quite as light-hearted and feel-good as other SRK starrers.
Fan is completely out of SRK’s comfort zone. There is 0% romance, 0% song,no Comic scenes.
There is high voltage of action, from Mumbai buildings, Dubrovnik roofs and finally to Delhi roads.
#Fan turns out to be a very dark and serious kind…..An average film…Please Watch it for Sharukh Khan only-)-)-)


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