My Fan Letter to Mahira Khan

Dear Mahira Khan,


Is there anyone who doesn’t love ‘Mahira Khan’?? Trust me, everyone does. You are so gifted n wonderful.


My name is Deep Basu and I’m 28 years old. I live in Mumbai, India and I am a huge fan of yours. We have interacted on twitter couple of times…I hope you remember (deepbasu1 my twitter handle, I send you loads of tweets all the time). I seriously could not wait for long. I had to write a letter and speak my heart out to you.


I have been a huge fan of yours ever since you starred in the highly acclaimed film ‘Bol’ and the hugely popular ‘Humsafar’. I still love watching reruns of that show. That’s how I first found out about you, since I was always such a big fan of Pakistani Talent (their music, films n actors)


Furthermore, your performance as ‘Khirad’ had deeply touched me. ‘Humsafar’ made me smile, cry, and your honest performance on screen always encourages me to be the best version of myself. I love how your performance is different and unique in every work you do. The versatility of your acting skills is truly amazing.


I really felt like I connected with you after I watched you play ‘Khirad’ in ‘Humsafar’. That show was very touching and shared such an emotional story. I gained a great deal of respect for you as an actress because of how you portrayed the character with so much conviction. It was such an emotional role and heartfelt role, and you performed with extreme elegance and grace. It really allowed me to feel the character’s emotions and dive deep into the television show.


I also love the way you dress and carry yourself and I am also very inspired by how confident you are when it comes to maintaining your image. You never seem to have any negative quality such as arrogance or bad behavior. That is such an admirable quality.


If you can- would you please pass on my love to cute n lovable son Azlaan.. He will surely grow up to be a beautiful person like you. (Like Mother Like Son).

I love you and will always keep loving you no matter what ….I will always be there to support you, (so what I ‘m across the border)

Since I’m such a huge fan, I would love if you could send me an autographed picture of you or just an autograph with my name for me to hang in my room and adore every day. I would appreciate it more than words, although I’d understand if you didn’t respond, since you undoubtedly must have a hectic schedule. However, if you would like to send one, I would be very happy and elated. I will always remain a true Mahirian for life (till my last breath)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter, and best of luck to you in the future (esp. Ho Mann Jahaan & Raees)! I know great things lie ahead for you. Please don’t change.


Sincerely yours,

Biggest & Crazy Fan alive – Deep Basu


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