Mahira Khan & Me-)

When I consider my celebrity crushes over the years, a few come to mind:  Amrita Rao when she was the charming new comer in Ishq Vishq,  Tamanna Bhatia, when I watched  her in the Tamil film “Ayan,” Gal Gadot , when I watched her in  the ‘ Fast & Furious.

But currently, my biggest and most long-standing crush is on the Pakistani Super Star Mahira Khan. Frankly speaking, I will not call it a crush though…It’s an obsession now.

I guess, I suffer from ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ (is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal life.)

Honestly, I’m not someone who is celeb crazy. I’m currently working as an Assistant Director in Mumbai for quite some time now and I do meet a lot of celebrities, and they really are “just like us.” But Mahira Khan is one such beautiful young woman who caught my fancy.

I did watch her for the first time in the highest acclaimed Pakistani Film ‘Bol’ and found her really cute and convincing. Oh Yes, after watching her in Humsafar playing the character Khirad, I fell hopelessly in love with her.  In Humsafar, she looked utterly charming and her performance remains my very favourite to this day, and is the source of my mad crush on her.

Whenever I watch her on Television, It just takes me all of two seconds to lose myself in her, starting with her smile, her eyes and I love the way she talks. I imitate her too lolzz.

The chemistry of her and boyishly handsome Fawad Khan undoubtedly gave an authenticity to their portrayal of a couple in Humsafar , but seeing them together makes me very jealous as I feel I will be a better match lolzz ( Just Joking).

I do adore Mahira Khan in her other work too like Sadqay Tumhare, Neeyat and especially when I watched her show ‘TUC The lighter side of Life’.  It pleases me to know that in real life she was a down-to-earth woman who was unspoiled by her beauty and had a positive outlook on life.

I just love her sense of style, which is impeccable, but honestly, she looks gorgeous in anything.  In all her movies, her beautiful style and grace fills the screen.  Actually, In reality she brought light and joy to millions including me.

You know what? Mahira Khan is all around me..In my bedroom walls, My Coffee Mug, My Wardrobe and in my heart.  I just want to meet her and want to be associated with her and be a part of her life ( I wana marry her also lolzz)

I wake up every morning around 4 am and pray for her and always wish her well.. I have turned my Twitter and Instagram account as Mahira Khan promotional; tool lolzz…I only post her pics and talk about her.

Coz of my love for her, I have stopped flirting and meeting up with women as I feel myself to be totally committed to her and I believe that she is mine…only mine.  I KNOW I SOUND CRAZY..BUT I MEAN IT

– Deep Basu


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