My Review : Baaghi

Prelude :

Ok ! friends..let me be loud and clear…I have become a big fan of Tiger Shroff..oh yes I have.-)
I am really glad and happy that the previous night, I managed to watch his second film Baaghi: Rebels in Love and after seeing Tiger Shroff’s intro scene, where he is completely positioned upside down, balancing his full weight on a thumb and forefinger. It is was an impressive sight, to see someone so fit, so flexible, so much in command of his body.

Anything that involves a great deal of hands, legs, torso, head, all moving in perfect sync, it is a pleasure to see Tiger is full action mode flawlessly performing that is. But honestly, I can’t say the same thing for his‘acting’, he still needs to go a long way, but I guess the action genre is best for him.

Plot :

Ronnie meets Sia in a train journey and they immediately get attracted to each other after dancing in a rain shower. At the same time Sia catches the eye of Raghav, a gangster who also becomes infatuated with her.
Ronnie keeps bumping into Sia coincidentally every time it rains and they fall in love. PP. Khurana , Sia’s dad, is a typical black sheep with all kinds of bad habits.
Raghav approaches him with the marriage proposal and Khurana jumps on that and immediately agrees.
He then successfully creates clashes between lovers and convinces Sia that Ronnie is the culprit and leaves with her to the city.
Infuriated Raghav kidnaps Sia from a shooting spot and tries to change her mind about marrying him.
Movie producer gets tensed as shooting was paused and Khurana advises him to approach Ronnie as he believes ronnie still loves Sia. Ronnie agrees go and fight Raghav for Sia.

Technical :

Unlike Heropanti, this film is fast paced and double the action: the scene shifts at a frenetic pace from dancing to gravity-defying fight moves.
You cant help but notice that Baaghi is a mix of various international karate flicks like the karate kid,enter the dragon, The Raid.
Most of the fights here are choreographed in claustrophobic spaces, and thus everything rests on Tiger’s flexibility to take the film forward.
Its an out n out action film ,so you can’t expect a logical screenplay-(
First half of the film is neat. Second half is dragged with prolonged action scenes .
The climax is routine and predictable.
This film has freshness in terms of locations because its shot in Kerela n Krabi by showcasing the landmarks of the town.
All the characters could have been established very strongly.

1) The relation between Tiger and his guru was not given much space and time. So, when the guru is murdered, you are not emotionally involved.
2) Raghav, a dutiful son suddenly murders his father for love ?? jow come?
3) Sunil Grover’s character Mr Khurana looks unrealistic
Strengths of the film are Tiger’s action scenes and his mesmerizing stunts.

Music :

The music of the film is composed by Meet Bros, Amaal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari & Manj Musik…the film is quite soothing.
The background music gels well with the scenes especially Raghav’s track.
Julius Packium has given a perfect sound to the film and made a deep impact on the audiences with his background track.


The second highlight of the film is excellent photography by Binod Pradhan.
He made the visuals of the film a treat to watch. Right from the fight sequences to the exotic locales such as the backwaters in Kerala to the breathtaking beaches of Thailand’s Krabi.
As the movie has the theme of rain interpolated with the love between the lead pair, its very difficult to shoot the film in way that it appears very natural on screen.

Performances :

Tiger Shroff– He is the USP of the film…he successfully carries the film on his shoulder. the characer Rony was tailor made for him.

Shraddha Kapoor -Shraddha is a big plus to the film. She is beautiful and her performance is natural. She danced very gracefully to the music and performs great action stunts with tremendous ease.

Telugu star Sudheer Babu is terrific as Raghav with his cruel acts. Sunil Grover is not apt as Shraddha’s father who looks for his own benefits at the cost his daughter’s future.

Verdict :

Overall, Baaghi is not a perfect film..but a must watch for action lovers-)-)Tiger Shroff is here to stay…go ahead and give it a try. I quite enjoyed it


My Review : Nil Battey Sannata

Before, I begin writing my review. I would like to discuss something really important about our industry ‘The Great Bollywood’.
Firstly, to begin with it is a star-driven industry and we our part of a star driven country-(

A film which only boasts of a huge star cast or a big banner is well distributed and is watched by us (the aam janta)..It is sad but a fact.

Non-starrer /unconventional films are not well received by us in our own country because the ‘Mango People’ will only watch a big-starrer nonsensical Dilwale /Fan instead of a good-cast great concept film like Nil Battey Sannata etc

Films like, Nil Battey Sannata are not only fine films but are unique too. It not only entertains us but provides us a very meaningful message straight away in just about two hours. Isn’t that great? But, we very seldom go and watch such movies-(


Now let me tell you why you should go and watch this film.
Btw how many of you know the actual meaning of the title ‘ Nil Baatey Sanaata’ ?
I being a little weak in Hindi thought it to be a horror or a mystery thriller film …u know sanaata n all lolzz…but the actual meaning is ‘Zero’..’Shunyo’..incompetent.
Well, when a filmmaker like Anand L. Rai produces a project like this one, chances are you will not be disappointed walking out of the theatre. And that’s exactly what happened after I watched Nil Battey Sannata.
I wish the makers should have gone all out to promote this film coz when you have a good story; it is bound to attract moviegoers.
I guess ‘Word-of-mouth’ is the best publicity for such films which are high on content…I absolutely recommend this film for all.


The film is about Chanda (Swara), Metric fail single mother who works as a maid just so that her daughter Apeksha (Riya Shukla) can study and go ahead in life.
Her duaghter Apeksha, on the other hand, is a fun loving, carefree girl with no ambition and is not interested in studies at all.
To make sure that Apeksha passes her Std 10 exams, Chanda decides to join the same school as her daughter on her employer’s (played by Ratna Pathak Shah) insistence.
Though the mother-daughter duos are very close, things become competitive between the two when the former starts attending the school.
In school, the only thing common between them is that both are weak in Mathematics. But Chanda soon gets the hang of the subject and starts doing well in it. That’s when Chanda challenges her daughter that she will only leave school if Apeksha manages to score more than her in Maths.
Due to this, Apeksha, for the first time, starts focusing on her studies. Watch it to know what happens next ….


The script is the Hero of the film…there are no dull moments or loopholes in the film-) It has its perfect moments which are well balanced throughout the film.
I still feel that the first half was fast and better than the second half. Certain scenes could have been done away with as it slows down the pace of the film.
The writer subtly explores issues like poverty and education along with a sweet mother n daughter relationship.
Its totally worth it…
5 stars goes to the first time director Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari for her flawless attempt as a director and making such a beautiful film…thank you Ashwiny Mam.


Swara Bhaskar absolutely nails it with her acting. You will not find the dialogues, scenes or acting in the film are forced. From the dialect to classroom atmosphere to the costumes, everything is realistic and that’s what makes the film real. ..she is a visual treat.

Ratna Pathak is brilliant in her small yet effective role.

Pankaj Tripathi plays the school principal as well as the Mathematics teacher. The talented actor brings in humour and is flawless in his acting…loved watching him onscreen.

A special mention goes to the talented actor Sanjay Suri for a wonderful guest appearance.

In fact, all the characters in the film have been defined well and lend good support to the story.

Especially the scene where the boy who loves maths teaches both mother and daughter to stop treating maths as their enemy.

Every parent will relate to such a film…I wish I had watched this film with my Mom. I was really weak in maths back in school and I know what my mother went through teaching us maths.

Verdict :

Overall, Nil Battey Sannata is a gem and should be watched by everyone. If you want a light-hearted entertaining film yet proving a profound message? Go watch the film right away! A MUST WATCH

My Review #LaalRang

My Review Laal Rang

Yesterday for a change, I happen to get off early from work and so naturally I had the entire ‘Saturday Night’ ahead of me.
Unexpectedly getting off early from work made me quite ‘Vela’ as I had made no concrete plans in advance.
My brother and I began to decide and make plans on how to spend the rest of the Sat night.
Being a hard core movie buff, the first thing that came to my mind was to watch ‘Neel Baaten Sanata’ but since it was a Saturday and the timings were not matching, we had to shift the plan to Tuesday. Now, the only film which was suiting our time was the latest Bollywood flick ‘Laal Rang’….I will not lie, I was reluctant and skeptical..Since, I did not see much promotions or hear ‘word of mouth’ about the film, I was in two minds…and Randeep Hooda was the only fact I went ahead and took a chance…did I regret it ? No I did not-)-)

Review :

As the title suggests, the film is about ‘blood’. More specifically, it’s about the blood bank scam, talking about the illegal sale of stolen blood. A significant issue and an intriguing idea for sure. It will take you to the world of Anurag Kashyap and Tigmanshu Dhulia.
But thankfully, it is not a very dark and a moody film.

Director Syed Ahmad Afzal who made his debut with a formula film “Youngistan” tries to take a more unconventional path with this one, and trust me he has done quite a decent job after all he has a terrific cast at his disposal lolzz.

Plot :

Shankar is a local goon, who runs the illegal business of blood theft and trading. He joins a government medical college so that he can get a diploma and also an easy access to blood banks and blood donation camps.
He meets Rajesh (Akshay Oberoi) and tries to befriend him, but Rajesh initially is not impressed by Shankar.

After hanging out with him, Rajesh slowly gets fascinated by Shankar’s personality and his RX100 bike and soon they become great friends and partners in crime.

Spending more time with Shankar, Rajesh learns how the whole business of blood-theft works even as he starts falling for his colleague Poonam.

Poonam on the other hand is money minded and wants a guy who has a good source of income. Rajesh quickly gets involved in the blood theft in order to earn quick money to impress Poonam.
Slowly as the business kicks off, Rajesh starts showing off his money to Poonam.
Poonam who is greedy incites Rajesh to get more and this brings friction between Rajesh and Shankar.

Due to this, things tend to get ugly between Shankar and Rajesh when the Rajesh starts demanding more money. Greed takes over their friendship and the two part ways, with Rajesh ending up doing business on his own.
The cops who have got the hint of this business enter the scene and are hell bent in getting Shankar and Rajesh behind bars….what happens next ?

Technical :

The plot and the story idea, on paper itself, is novel, intriguing enough to grab our attention but on screen the story loses its grip because of the unnecessary drama and could have been more gritty and hard-hitting.
The Cinematography is real and the constant aerial shots of Karnal itself give it a sense of grand film .
The first half is good and as the story unfolds, it manages to keep the audience engrossed.
Both the characters Shankar and Rajesh spread their charm and completely absorbs us into their personal lives and take us through the entire blood transfusion racket.

PS : All the characters speak in Haryanvi, which after a point becomes difficult for you to comprehend. If you don’t listen carefully, you may miss the point.

Performances :

The USP of the film is our very own Randeep Hooda who rules the screen with his powerful appearance. From playing a heart-broken lover to a cunning thief, he excels in every frame.
His command over the Hariyanvi dialect doesn’t take him a second to transform into a blood theft mafia man .In short, he is a chameleon.

While Akshay Oberoi is a revelation and he successfully imparts an endearing performance through out and it is Randeep and him who holds the plot together.

Pia Bajpai as Akshay’s pushy girlfriend is good but Meenakshi Dixit playing Randeep’s love interest is just about okay.

Verdict :

Overall, Laal Rang Movie will remotely remind you of the film ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ .I will not say that this film delivers the perfect punch but its worth the least once. If you love watchingRandeep Hooda on screen…A must watch-)-)

My Review : FAN

Prelude :

So, I finally watched the most awaited, most anticipated and most talked about SRK film ‪#‎FAN‬ the previous night,( could not manage the first show though-( )
Frankly speaking, I could somewhat relate to the character Gaurav Channa who has a fervent loyalty towards the super star ‘Aryan Khanna’.
The reason, I could relate to Gaurav’s character because I share the same obsession, loyalty and passion for the super star Mahira Khan (everybody knows, i guess) but I am not creepy, violent or deranged like him.
But. trust me I do a lot for Mahira Khan…
1) Cutting her Birthday cake
2) Purchasing personalized Mahira Khan merchandise
3) Promote her films and all her work online..etc

My close friends often ask me…Tu lagta kya hai Mahira Khan ka?? & my reply is “FAN”

After all..Connection bhi na, Kamaal ki cheez hai.. Bas ho gaya to gaya.. Mat puchho kaise.. ab yahi to hota hai connection , aur kya?.. wifi – Bluetooth se bhi zyada hai apna connection.. bas thoda sa hi fark hai.. wo Star Hai, aur me uska FAN..

Review :

Enough of the personal talks..let me get back to review…

To begin with, The plot idea/ concept of the movie #Fan is not novel or fresh. Two films have already been made in Hollywood with the same name and same plot outline.

1) The Fan (1981) – The plot follows a famous stage and film actress named Sally Ross who is stalked by a violent, deranged fan (Biehn), who begins to threaten her and destroy her life.

2) The Fan (1996) – revolves around the sport of baseball, exploring the overt dedication of some of its followers.

Synopsis :

A psychological thriller that revolves around the star driven culture of Bollywood. Bollywood Super star Aryan Khanna becomes the unhealthy focus of his look-alike fan Gaurav, who makes his life hell.

Technical :

The previous night, I went to watch #Fan with a great deal of trepidation, wondering how Maneesh Sharma and SRK’s latest flick would turn out: A Bollywood superstar playing himself & his biggest fan could either be an interesting watch or a complete Dud.

I am unhappy to report that the movie #Fan did not wrk for me as I found it so unrealistic, make believe and full of loop holes.

1) Gaurav Channa , who looks so much like Aryan doesn’t grab any eye balls or public attention in Mumbai…but in the second half, visitors at Madame Tussaud’s as well as the London police instantly believe him to be the movie star at one glance.

2) Few scenes in the film are not well etched out or written convincingly example – The ticket less train journey of Gaurav is blown out of proportion in the film and made it look like a big deal.

The entire first half goes in setting up the character Gaurav,
and also shows SRK’s own 25-year-long stardom and his crazy stardom.
3) The second half goes totally haywire as the movie star ‘Aryan Khanna’ decides to take matters into his own hands and confront his criminal fan head-on.

It is difficult to fathom why a Bollywood star like Aryan Khanna who can have anybody at his beck and call would stoop down to such a level and begin to chase his tormentor all by himself…It is so unbelievable.

4) Srk ‘s double role..Gaurav face looks artificial and not real…Close up shots make the face look so fake.

The climax is really bad…as it gets over on a violent and a negative note(-( The ending should have been better and inspiring…

Performances :

The Fan shows Sharukh Khan at his most dangerous and tragic. Gaurav has similarities to his previous characters from Darr & Anjam but on closer inspection, Gaurav is a unique character. He plays the character Gaurav, who is a man who was just never able to get a handle on his life and has allowed his obsessions to dictate the choices he has made along the way.

SRK is helped out by a more than decent supporting cast. Special thanks to Waluscha De Sousa . Shriya Pilgaonkar – Official & the talented Sayani gupta.

Overall, the mood of the film which isn’t quite as light-hearted and feel-good as other SRK starrers.
Fan is completely out of SRK’s comfort zone. There is 0% romance, 0% song,no Comic scenes.
There is high voltage of action, from Mumbai buildings, Dubrovnik roofs and finally to Delhi roads.
#Fan turns out to be a very dark and serious kind…..An average film…Please Watch it for Sharukh Khan only-)-)-)

Valentines Day letter to Mahira Khan


My Fav Actor Mahira Khan,

Dear Mahira Khan,

I know that you’re a very famous and a top actor in Pakistan right now (obviously) and every guy out there says you’re the ‘woman of their dreams’ and they’re your biggest fan.

But Mahira, trust me when I say this – I am your biggest fan. Don’t let all of those other male fans fool you. I guess you have also noticed my tweets n my constant love towards you.

It’s genuine and has been since the last one n half years.

The first time I realized you could very possibly be my favourite female celeb of all time was when I saw you in ‘Humsafar’ playing the character Khirad (without make-up lolzz…still looked breathlessly beautiful)

The day I received your first tweet, wishing me on my birthday might, not might..infact it was one of the best days of my life so far– it was a magical moment, Mahira.

So yeah, I’ve pretty much been obsessed with you since then. Like, I could watch ‘Humsafar’ & ‘ TUC –The lighter side of Life’ every day and not get tired listening to you and watch you perform.

Your interviews, songs and your talk shows are pretty much my fav YouTube videos of all time.

I’d like to say I do have pictures of you on my bedroom wall,at my work desk as well on my Laptop wall paper, my Coffee mug, My T-shirt & of coz my Cell phone wall paper. And when you won Asia’s top 10 Sexiest Actor this year… well, let’s just say I was so ready to protest on your behalf coz I wanted your name to be on number one lolz.

So, my favourite actor here’s what I’m really trying to say: we can be really good friends.

It might not seem like we have anything in common, but we totally do: we both love Woody Allen Films, ’Pyaasa’ seems to be both our top favourite films.  We even make the same verbal expression ‘Uff’, when we spot something extremely beautiful.

You live in Karachi and I live in Mumbai, so we’re totally on the same page.

Waiting for the day that we meet. Try calling me on the set of #Raees .

I am not a bore..I m quite entertaining trust me.. I will keep writing to you and give my love to you, hope you acknowledge me someday.

PS: If someday you think of quitting films (Hope never)..But if you do…I will still be loyal and devoted to you. ..That’s a promise.. After all A fan is fan…for life…I am a true #Mahirian.


Your Favourite Fan

DEEP BASU –   (MyContact – 9619023659)

Mahira Khan & Me-)

When I consider my celebrity crushes over the years, a few come to mind:  Amrita Rao when she was the charming new comer in Ishq Vishq,  Tamanna Bhatia, when I watched  her in the Tamil film “Ayan,” Gal Gadot , when I watched her in  the ‘ Fast & Furious.

But currently, my biggest and most long-standing crush is on the Pakistani Super Star Mahira Khan. Frankly speaking, I will not call it a crush though…It’s an obsession now.

I guess, I suffer from ‘Celebrity Worship Syndrome’ (is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity’s personal life.)

Honestly, I’m not someone who is celeb crazy. I’m currently working as an Assistant Director in Mumbai for quite some time now and I do meet a lot of celebrities, and they really are “just like us.” But Mahira Khan is one such beautiful young woman who caught my fancy.

I did watch her for the first time in the highest acclaimed Pakistani Film ‘Bol’ and found her really cute and convincing. Oh Yes, after watching her in Humsafar playing the character Khirad, I fell hopelessly in love with her.  In Humsafar, she looked utterly charming and her performance remains my very favourite to this day, and is the source of my mad crush on her.

Whenever I watch her on Television, It just takes me all of two seconds to lose myself in her, starting with her smile, her eyes and I love the way she talks. I imitate her too lolzz.

The chemistry of her and boyishly handsome Fawad Khan undoubtedly gave an authenticity to their portrayal of a couple in Humsafar , but seeing them together makes me very jealous as I feel I will be a better match lolzz ( Just Joking).

I do adore Mahira Khan in her other work too like Sadqay Tumhare, Neeyat and especially when I watched her show ‘TUC The lighter side of Life’.  It pleases me to know that in real life she was a down-to-earth woman who was unspoiled by her beauty and had a positive outlook on life.

I just love her sense of style, which is impeccable, but honestly, she looks gorgeous in anything.  In all her movies, her beautiful style and grace fills the screen.  Actually, In reality she brought light and joy to millions including me.

You know what? Mahira Khan is all around me..In my bedroom walls, My Coffee Mug, My Wardrobe and in my heart.  I just want to meet her and want to be associated with her and be a part of her life ( I wana marry her also lolzz)

I wake up every morning around 4 am and pray for her and always wish her well.. I have turned my Twitter and Instagram account as Mahira Khan promotional; tool lolzz…I only post her pics and talk about her.

Coz of my love for her, I have stopped flirting and meeting up with women as I feel myself to be totally committed to her and I believe that she is mine…only mine.  I KNOW I SOUND CRAZY..BUT I MEAN IT

– Deep Basu

My Fan Letter to Mahira Khan

Dear Mahira Khan,


Is there anyone who doesn’t love ‘Mahira Khan’?? Trust me, everyone does. You are so gifted n wonderful.


My name is Deep Basu and I’m 28 years old. I live in Mumbai, India and I am a huge fan of yours. We have interacted on twitter couple of times…I hope you remember (deepbasu1 my twitter handle, I send you loads of tweets all the time). I seriously could not wait for long. I had to write a letter and speak my heart out to you.


I have been a huge fan of yours ever since you starred in the highly acclaimed film ‘Bol’ and the hugely popular ‘Humsafar’. I still love watching reruns of that show. That’s how I first found out about you, since I was always such a big fan of Pakistani Talent (their music, films n actors)


Furthermore, your performance as ‘Khirad’ had deeply touched me. ‘Humsafar’ made me smile, cry, and your honest performance on screen always encourages me to be the best version of myself. I love how your performance is different and unique in every work you do. The versatility of your acting skills is truly amazing.


I really felt like I connected with you after I watched you play ‘Khirad’ in ‘Humsafar’. That show was very touching and shared such an emotional story. I gained a great deal of respect for you as an actress because of how you portrayed the character with so much conviction. It was such an emotional role and heartfelt role, and you performed with extreme elegance and grace. It really allowed me to feel the character’s emotions and dive deep into the television show.


I also love the way you dress and carry yourself and I am also very inspired by how confident you are when it comes to maintaining your image. You never seem to have any negative quality such as arrogance or bad behavior. That is such an admirable quality.


If you can- would you please pass on my love to cute n lovable son Azlaan.. He will surely grow up to be a beautiful person like you. (Like Mother Like Son).

I love you and will always keep loving you no matter what ….I will always be there to support you, (so what I ‘m across the border)

Since I’m such a huge fan, I would love if you could send me an autographed picture of you or just an autograph with my name for me to hang in my room and adore every day. I would appreciate it more than words, although I’d understand if you didn’t respond, since you undoubtedly must have a hectic schedule. However, if you would like to send one, I would be very happy and elated. I will always remain a true Mahirian for life (till my last breath)


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my letter, and best of luck to you in the future (esp. Ho Mann Jahaan & Raees)! I know great things lie ahead for you. Please don’t change.


Sincerely yours,

Biggest & Crazy Fan alive – Deep Basu