My Review : SANJU

My Review : SANJU

Finally, the most anticipated and the most awaited film of the year ‘Sanju’ has released and I have managed watch it…..But,Alas…I was not impressed -(

Firstly, was this movie or the story of Sanjay Dutt so important to be shared ? or told ? I really was never that interested or keen to know the life story of the so called living legend Sanjay Dutt and his tryst with drugs etc etc. Mr Hirani could have simply gone ahead and made ‘Munabhai chalo America‘ rather than working on Sanjay Dutt Biopic.     ( I wonder how many people even idolize Sanjay Dutt ????? or watch his film ‘First day first show” ?? Munna bhai was his last successful film.

Synopsis :

Sanju is a typical wealthy spoiled brat born to famous celebrity parents and fails to cope up with the hurricane of expectations. Mostly, others make a choice for him, and one such choice is drug abuse. Zubin Mistry becomes Sanjay’s God for drugs and introduces him during the time he was going through a turmoil. What follows is a lifetime of struggle for the young actor, who — only does what he has been asked to.

His failed love story with Ruby leaves a scar on his ego which starts to cure only after he meets a Gujarati NRI, Kamlesh, who helps to cure him…No more spoilers.



Technical :

Sanju’s first half lacks harmony., it took me a long while to settle down and get connected to the film. The caricaturist feel, the slapstick tone, the loud colors didn’t quite get the real feel in the film.
Few scenes looked so manipulative like the one showing Dutt’s innocent kids hearing the news about their father’ Sanjay Dutt’ getting imprisoned once again and a over dramatic Sonam Kapoor yelling aloud for a missing mangalsutra.
Ranbir’s expert performance keeps you glued through out.
The reason of creating a biographer DN Tripathi (Piyush Mishra) who compares Sanjay with Mahatma Gandhi in the very first scene didn’t make any sense to me…we see Sanjay Dutt, now in his 50s, getting furious that he throws a shoe at the writer and burns his novel. He is unhappy with the comparison to Bapuji…I find the first scene sequence less humorous and bland.

The sequence introducing ‘Karishma Tanna’ as Kamlesh’s girlfriend was absurd and a total waste as it shows Sanju sleeping with his best buddy’s gf…not cool-(-(

Post-interval, the film takes a very convenient shift, the pace slackens,Hirani picks the media as the antagonist. Slowly and steadily, everything boils down to the topic of media being the real culprit because it kept on defaming Sanjay Dutt. This also provides a chance to state only what is already there in the public domain and not saying anything new about Sanjay Dutt, Hirani makes Sanju a predictable tale.

The entire film, the director continues with the sympathetic tone towards Sanju as he brings in a new biographer, Vinnie Diaz (Anushka Sharma) who finally decided to pen down his biopic.

Surprisingly, there are important characters totally missing from the film. Sanjay’s first two wives and daughter Trishala are not there.

The director has tried to bind the screenplay with songs but forgets to put in intensity to the film, hence, slows down the flow.

In this film, Sanjay Dutt has only been established as a ‘misunderstood’ youth. Hirani’s script will only force you to choose a side, but there is no depth nor any layer .
Unfortunately, there was no take away/ didn’t take back home anything after watching the film.


Performances :

Ranbir Kapoor is perfect and convincing as Sanju,
Paresh Rawal MP playing Sunil Dutt is good and contributes lot to the film.
Manisha Koirala as Nargis, makes you wish there was more screen time of her.
Jim Sarbh, as the drug peddler friend, had done a fine jobis very fine and dandy, and lastly
Lastly, the best part was Vicky Kaushal as Sanju’s faithful New York-based Gujju friend who teaches him life lessons, is absolutely terrific.

Verdict :

Overall, This film doesn’t quite live up to its energetic trailer and the promising teaser.
Sanju The Film is an average affair…watch it only for Ranbir Kapoor Happy Weekend everyone.


My Review : KAALA

My Review : KAALA

The project ‘Kaala’ evoked great amount of interest among the die-hard fans of Superstar Rajinikanth and other movie buffs right from the beginning – for, they were sure that this was going to be ‘another’ Rajini film with the star playing to the gallery, with his successfully signature style histrionics.

With Pa Ranjith, who won appreciation from all quarters for his previous Rajni film Kaabali, it isn’t an exaggeration to say that Kollywood was waiting to witness an all-new Rajini, nay, in fact, the old Rajini, which many people felt they have been missing in his previous outings  (for ex Lingaa)

Once again our very own Thailava Rajni has made a come back with more than enough reasons for his millions of fans to cheer? Let’s find out.

kaala movie teaser still images

Plot :

In Mumbai, the people who had migrated from Tamil Nadu are living in the Dharavi slum. An union minister Haridev “Hari Dhadha” Abhayankar (Nana Patekar) previously a gangster who had carried out many attacks in Dharavi, tries to evacuate the people and grab their land. Over the years he has become a minister and plans to clear the area to construct buildings using his construction company in the form of government scheme with the help of his supporter Vishnu Bhai (Sampath Raj). But, Karikaalan aka Kaala (Rajinikanth) the leader of Dharavi opposes it to protect the area and his people. His ex-lover Zareena (Huma Qureshi) returns as a construction executive hoping to improve the living standards of the Dharavi people without knowing the hidden intentions of Hari Dhadha. Hari Dhadha tries to kill Kaala many times and take control of the area, but fails as Kaala prevents all his plans. Inreturn, Hari Dada kills Kaala’s wife Selvi (Easwari Rao) and older son Selvam (Dileepan). Kaala decides to take revenge on him and protect his people.

Technical :

As Ranjith isn’t a run-of-the-mill director, and is considered as someone whose screenplay and dialogues have hidden meanings, comparisons with his previous films are but in order. In Kaala, one shouldn’t expect the freshness in script and making style which his Kabali and Madras offered. The setting of this film is the expansive Dharavi slum, which has been recreated in Chennai and whose complexity cinematographer Murali often catches with couple of top-angle drone shots that’s used multiple times.

The scene that introduces Kaala’s happy family, Rajinikanth radiates the effortless style of a family head. He will remind you of an average old man, and is yet irresistibly magnetic. He’s a don and yet, is frightened to death of his wife. These small touches are beautiful.

So is the relationship he shares with his wife, Selvi played by Eswari Rao is more impressive and has great simplicity.

The animated flashback sequence where Kaala establishes an old conflict, a battle in which Hari dada(Nana Patekar) had killed Kaala’s father. Hari dada comes back as a stronger nemesis and thinks of Kaala as Raavana, and assures his granddaughter that much as written by Valmiki, he will also have to kill Kaala.

Haridada’s character is well conceived as he plays the character who is totally opposite of Kaala,  in standing for ‘purity, his clothes are white, his mansion’s white, its interiors white, including its curtains and furniture.  The Chemistry between Rajni and Nana Patekar is a must watch.

For a change, in few instances Kaala didn’t seem to be a Rajni film at all..few action sequences looked unrealistic and Rajni didn’t look that larger in Life he used to look in his previous films. He looked thin and scrawny…picking a fight with 10 people at one go seemed unbelievable. Rajini sir did put his best foot forward is sure to give adrenaline-rush to his fans, and are, in fact, among the things that work in favour of the film, in addition to an emotional scene.

The songs by Santhosh Narayanan are soothing to watch on screen, too

The climax works so beautifully because the only freedom for the oppressed is through unity and through awareness — not by just one leader.


Performances :

Rajni Kanth is at his best and the make up man and costume designer must be given all the credit. And the spark, spirit and driving force in Rajni Kanth are at his superlative degree and nothing waned even a little with his age.

Huma Qureshi looted the hearts and senses with her spellbound beauty. She is beautiful in traditional attires. Huma beautifully makes her presence felt and makes an impressive debut opposite Rajnikanth.


Our very own Nana Patekar is to be lauded. His image definitely strides up with this film. He is given a typical facial look with projected teeth. His strong presence and traditional Marathi costume aptly suited his body language. ( Few sequences Nana overpowered Rajni)

Anjali Patil , Manikandan,  Eswari Rao and others have justified their roles.

Verdict :

Overall, Kaala is a film with grand extravaganza that appeals for mass film lovers, Rajni fans and the ones who are habituated to watch routine masala flicks.

According to me it is the best Rajni film after Enthiran. The result is obvious!

A Must Watch.

My Review : Veere Di Wedding

My Review : Veere Di Wedding

Finally I gathered all the courage and the mind set to watch the most hyped, most colourful and the loudest chic flick of the year – Veere Di Wedding. 

The plot is very basic and will remind you of other flicks-:

The story revolves around the lives of four childhood friends Kalindi (Kareena Kapoor), Avni (Sonam kapoor), Meera (ShikhaTalsania) & Sakshi (Swara Bhaskar). Ten years later when these four best friends reunite, they don’t realize how much life has changed from what they expected. The film is set against the backdrop of Delhi, where the girls are brought up, their trials and tribulations in modern day world, regarding family acceptance, marriage & societal perceptions.


Technical :

There’s something distinctly misguided and wrong with Veere Di Wedding and it lies in  its approach to its material. I don’t think it knows what it wants to be and ends up several things, usually all at once. Is it a light and fluffy comic piece about contemporary life in one of the Indias largest cities? Or is it some sort of harrowing look at Marriage break up with someone? Or maybe it’s supposed to be some kind of escapist fable about friendship and pulling through amidst thick, thin and everything in-between.

It was funny enough for an evening’s mindless entertainment, but exactly that and not a penny more. Put aside any thought you might have about not caring a great deal about what happens to a group of rich, superficial group of 4 women who are actually very smart and talented but  are portrayed in a very silly manner.

Their exclusive joy in life comes from sex, abusive language, shopping etc and not in that order. I know, I know; we’re supposed to believe this is all about emotions and friendship  but it isn’t; emotions are secondary.

It’s really about consuming – expensive deigner clothes, purses, shoes – and other human beings. The screenplay, by Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri offers nothing new.

The film however has no emotional resonance above a typical half-baked, over the top film. It seems that they only took the shallow and stupid stuff from life and created a rather contrived plot, far removed from the light touch and originality.

‘Veere Di Wedding’ is the kind of movie that men get dragged to, and have to admit they liked to please their dates.  You’ve seen it all before-and better too. The 4 lead actors are good to look at{and fantasize about} and provide decent eye candy, but thats about it.

Now don’t get me wrong. I can enjoy a well made and well crafted “woman’s film” just as much as the next guy, but this one just ain’t it


Performances :

Kareena Kapoor Khan gets the meatiest part (Obviously)then comes Sonam Kapoor Ahuja ( v v obvious). Swara Bhaskar plays a filthy rich brat with a motor mouth and successfully grows into her role as she goes along, and has the best scenes and punch lines in the movie. Shikha Talsania looks pretty and does a fair job.

Sumeet Vyas and Vishwas Giri have done a superb job….need to see them more.

Special mention goes to Vivek Mushran & Anjum Rajabali for their performances.

The chemistry between the actresses look real, but the situations into which they are forced don’t seem convincing at all.

Music :

Music by Shahswat and Vishal don’t leave a memorable mark or have an impact on you.

Verdict :

Overall Veere Di Wedding is a fun entertaining ride ..please don’t try and find any sense or a deep meaning behind it.

My Review : UMA

My Review : UMA

Prelude :

How many of you have heard about the ‘Boy who moved Christmas’ ? 

About 2 years ago, a seven-year-old boy named Evan suffered from a rare and incurable brain tumour. He wanted to see one last Christmas before he died – and, with his prognosis uncertain, the entire St. George community came together to grant that wish. Lights were hung, a parade was organized, and artificial snow was created to help give the event a true December feel.

Leversage’s story caught the attention of people from all over the world. He got support from celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres and Ashton Kutcher. People from all over the world got to know about Evan and his incredible story.

One of India’s most celebrated and talented Film directors Mr Srijit Mukherjee got very inspired by Evan’s story and wanted to turn it into a film. Mukherji wanted to bring the story to a larger audience nationwide.

Director Srijit, got in touch with Leversage’s mother, Nicole Wellwood, and asked for permission to make a movie on the story of her son’s last Christmas.

Post the permission, Director Srijit instantly incorporated few changes into the story for artistic and cultural reasons. Instead of a mother giving her son a final Christmas, Mukherji’s film tells the story of a father helping his daughter realize her dream of attending a festival in honour of a Hindu goddess.

I am sooo happy that the film has finally released and I thoroughly loved it.

As Uma is also another name of the goddess, the film suggests a metaphorical relation to the story of Durga.

Uma has already been selected for screening at three international film festivals — the New York Indian Film Festival, the London Indian Film Festival and the Indian Film Festival of Alberta.


In the film, a young girl, Uma (Sara Sengupta) living in Switzerland, is fighting for her life with a terminal disease. She wants to see Durga Puja of Kolkata, the biggest celebrated festival of the Bengalis.

Himadri, her father (Jisshu Sengupta) takes her to Kolkata to fulfill her dream by planning to set up a fake Durga Puja. Her father and family struggle much to make his daughter’s dreams come true and find a director called Brahmananda (Anjan Dutt).

The failed director sees this as his opportunity to create a masterpiece, by helping a dying girl.

During the process, the team face many obstacles and hurdles inorder to make Uma’s dream true.

Technical :

I must say, Mr Srijit Mukherji makes the best use of his story telling skills and turns Uma’s dreams into reality. He intelligently included the character Brahmananda Chakraborty (Anjan Dutt), a failed filmmaker  who has parted ways with his wife and son  long time ago due to his lack of attention towards his family.

Keeping the basic outline and layering it with Brahmananda’s journey and the culture of Kolkata. The script has been smartly connected with the mythical story of Goddess Durga, who is a symbol of auspicious energy, by choosing the name of the characters’ wisely.

The second half becomes a little predictable and long. The scuffle between Himadri and Indra (Srijit Mukherji) before Uma lands in Kolkata seems to be quite unnecessary and forced.

I couldn’t clearly understand the exact time frame or the days counted or shown in the film… coz Puja pandals take atleast 6 days to construct but the elaborate pandals in the film took only a day or two. (Cinematic liberty I guess)

Soumik Haldar’s beautiful camerawork captures Kolkata and also the gorgeous locations of Switzerland beautifully.

Special mention to my elder brother Art Director Anand Adya for a commendable work.

The soothing songs like ‘Ure Jaak’, ‘Jago Uma’, ‘Hariye Jawar Gaan’ sung and composed by Anupam Roy enhances the emotional quotient and various moods of the film.

Composer Neel Dutta’s background score compliments the pace and the tempo of the film.

Performances :

Debutant Sara Sengupta as Uma is natural throughout the film and looks very pretty.  Our very own Jishu Sengupta is absolutely top notch as the desperate father and very flaw lessly performs his part.

Srabanti Chatterjee  and Sayantika Banerjee are god in their respective roles.

The supporting cast : Rudranil Ghosh, Sujan Mukhopadhyay are brilliant and add a lot of value to the film.

Talented Anirban Bhattacharya is decent as Mr Sur.

A special mention goes to Mr Babul Supriyo and Srijit Mukherjee for their cameos.

Last but not the least… Mr Anjan Dutt steals the show with his extraordinary performance as the failed film maker Brahmananda and makes a strong mark.


Verdict :

Despite few unnecessary and unbelievable sequences…Uma left me with a heavy heart. This film undoubtedly restores one’s faith in humanity.

A Must Watch….

My Review : Bhavesh Joshi

My Review : Bhavesh Joshi

So, the most awaited indian super hero film released after 3 years..yes you heard it right..3 long years…. maybe more. I have been hearing about this particular flick for quite some time now and I was seriously looking forward to watch it.

I always knew that ‘Bhavesh Joshi’ was a story about a young gujrati boy blessed with Super Powers but believe you me…the story is quite different now.

Initially, Imran Khan was roped in to play the main protagonist and after it didn’t work out…Sidharth Malhotra and Shahid Kapoor were suppose to play the lead. But I was really surprised when the new comer Harshvardhan Kapoor (Anil Kapoor’s son and Sonam Kapoor’s brother) was finally locked to play the lead coz  I still have not watched his debut film Mirzya and was a little doubtful about his performnance.

Bhavesh Joshi is definitely better than our Krish but… my review below ( No spoilers ahead)


Review :

Three friends – Bhavesh Joshi, Sikander Khanna and Rajat– are keen to bring about a change in the society. The trio decide to set up their own digital channel, ‘Insaaf TV.’ and involve in solving the local problems, like people urinating on footpaths or chopping off trees etc

But after few attempts, Sikander decides to resign to the fact that he can’t change the system. However his team mate Bhavesh refuses to give up and as he is determined to change the system. Bhavesh goes solo and begins investigating the severe shortage of water in a colony and stumbles upon a water shortage scam during investigations. The fearless Bhavesh not wasting much time exposes the scam and puts his life under tremendous risk.  A stupid mistake on Sikander’s part takes away his friend Bhavesh’s life.

Few minutes before the intermission Super hero Bhavesh Joshi arrises and his fight against corruption is what the rest of the movie talks about.

           Hero paida nahi hota..Banta hai


Technical :

The biggest problem of this film is it’s long running time – 2 hours 40 minutes cause I seriously feel that the script could have been a little shorter towards the climax.

Director Vikramaditya does a swell job of designing a super hero who is not only very relatable but very real too. It’s so unique to see a superhero, who doesn’t have any supernatural powers, unlike the others. Super hero Bhavesh Joshi doesn’t start kicking or punching like a hero the minute he becomes a vigilante.

Stunt choreographers Cyril Raffaelli and Sebastian Seveau have done a fantastic job with the action sequences especially the long bike chase towards the climax is one of the highlights of the movie.

Writers Vikramaditya, Anurag Kashyap, and Abhay Koranne come up with an ideal super hero script that accurately reflects the current socio-political scenario but the characters should have been stronger.

However, I will the lead actor Harshvardhan Kapoor fails to do justice to their vision. Harshvardhan’s has given a good effort but he has a weak presence and is unable to hold the film on his shoulders all by himself.

Few sequences fall flat and lacks the thrill.


Performances :

Priyanshu Painyuli is actually the hero of the film and deserves a sepecial mention for his electrifying performance.

Ashish, who plays their writer friend, does a fair job too.

The supporting actors are well cast as they add a lot of value and authenticity to the environment that the makers have tried to create.

Nishikant Kamat as the unscrupulous politician is okay but could have been stronger.

Verdict :

Overall, Bhavesh Joshi is the best representation of an indian super hero and deserves to be watched atleast once.

“Mera naam Bhavesh Joshi hai..Aur main abb bhi Zinda hu”





My Review : PARMANU

My Review : PARMANU

Prelude :

Frankly Speaking I was in two minds before watching this John Abraham flick…I thought it to be another pretentious patriotic film or another over dramatic War film which has been released with a strong message.

Unfortunately I did not know anything about ‘Pokhran’ or the ‘India’s Nuclear test mission’. So post the release, I did some research and came across few reviews and articles about the famous Nuclear test conducted by the Indian Army in Pokhran, Rajasthan in 1998…I was intrigued and wanted to know more about it.

So it was definitely not John Abraham but the intriguiong premise which brought me to the theatre. The film’s story revolves around the nuclear bomb test explosions conducted by the Indian Army at Pokhran in 1998. If you are somebody who likes to revisit history through the visual medium then this film is a must-watch for you


Plot : 

The movie begins with a long drawn discussion happening in the Prime Minister’s Office regarding how China has tested 43 of its nuclear bombs. Ashwat Rana (John Abraham), an ordinary bureaucrat, comes up with an idea but gets ridiculed by the ministers. He’s asked to make a brief report and without his consent and involvement, the plan is executed and it fails miserably. Hence, he gets terminated for this failure.

Crest fallen Ashwat, continues his life as a Civil Service tutor in a Hill Station until Himanshu Shukla (Boman Irani) principle secretary to the Prime Minister, asks him to resume his plan that failed 3 years ago under the new reign of then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

This mission gives Ashwat an opportunity to prove his love for the country. He builds up his team of Pandavas to test multiple nuclear bombs in Pokhran, Rajasthan. But to do this without getting in the notice of American satellites is what the rest of story talks about.


Technical :

The writers of  Neerja Saiwyn Quadras and Sanyuktha Chawla Sheikh are back as they pen a gripping script for this one too. Striking a proper amount of patriotism, emotions, humour and thrill will keep you at the edge.

The first 10 minutes of the film will make you reconsider your decision of watching the film coz it’s very lame and stupid but as the film proceeds the momentum and the plot picks up and keeps you glued on your seat. It is not an authentic recreation of history, but ‘Parmanu’ gives you an entertaining perspective at a story that evokes the right sense of patriotism and national pride without being aggressive.

The use of special effects is good too, especially during sequences of outer space and the final nuclear explosions (Showcasing the spy satellite sequences) The movie also does well to use real-life footage of then heads of state from India, Pakistan and US to create a political atmosphere.

The first half takes a lot of time to estabilish itself but post intermission the film shifts gears and picks up pace and the thrills. The appropriately used the footages of US President Bill Clinton, Pak PMs Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Shariff and Indian PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee to help the geopolitical situations look real and authenthic at that time.

Sandeep Chowta’s background score brings about a good amount of tension.  Zubin Mistry does a fine job as the director of photography, beautifully capturing the drama unearthing in the Pokhran landscape.

Soundtrack by Sachin-Jigar and Jeet Gannguli are not upto the mark and doesn’t serve as the highlights of the film.

Performances :

Anuja Sathe, who plays John’s wife and Boman Irani, playing the Secretary to the Indian PM have done a great job in their respective roles.

John Abraham is a weak actor but holds the film together with his star status and strong shoulders.

Diana Penty was average…she reminds me of a Camel ( Soo Tall Bapre)

Supporting actors like Mr Yogendra Tiku , Vikas Kumar, Aditya Hitkari were brilliant as the other team members.


Verdict :

Parmanu talks about the important chapter in the history of Independent India, An interesting watch especially the climax which will undoubtedly evokes a sense of pride among us.

My Review : DeadPool 2 ( Hindi)

My Review : DeadPool 2 ( Hindi)

So I finally watched the most awaited sequel of this year, DeadPool 2 and for the first time I went ahead and watched the Hindi Dubbed Version.

Btw Ranveer Singh was the only reason I decided to watch Marvel Comics’ most unconventional anti-hero, ‘Deadpool 2’ in Hindi. The idea of him becoming the voice of  Deadpool was enough to make me look forward to it. After all, I am an ardent Bollywood lover and will never miss the opportunity. Alas, the voice of Ranveer Singh didn’t quite work for me as it falls flat.

I really missed the original dubbing artist Mr Sanket Mhatre who is a professional voice actor who’s been in the business, for the past 11 years and has lend voice for all the super hero films including Deadpool 1. He had lend his voice for the first trailer cut of Deadpool 2 but was later removed as the makers insisted on ranveer Singh to do the needful ( Star Driven industry….-(-()

If you have followed both the Deadpool movies, you might be struck with a certain feeling of déjà vu. Haven’t you seen the character on screen before? Played by Ryan Reynolds? In another X-Men movie?

Yes, because the character Deadpool has appeared in [X-Men Origins: Wolverine] but not as Dead Pool but as Wade Wilson .


So Deadpool is back ….

The action sequences are undoubtedly better than any other superhero movie, by a wide margin. The fights are dirty, funny, and immensely creative, utilizing Deadpool’s kick ass character traits. everything is so perfectly choreographed, almost like a video game.

And this time around, the story is surprisingly poignant (sort of), while the action and one-liners flow smoothly, even if the jokes don’t always land.


Motor-mouthed mutant mercenary Wade Wilson (AKA. Deadpool), brings together a team of fellow mutant rogues Thge X Force to protect a young boy of supernatural abilities from the brutal, time-traveling mutant, Cable.

Technical :

Frankly speaking, the movie is half as interesting as the the synospsis and lacks depth. The first 30 minutes you will struggle hard to comprehend the series of whacky events unfolding before your eyes…I guess, since it was in Hindi I was getting even more confused as somewhere down the line the real essence was missing and I struggled hard to gauge the connection and relation between few scenes.

The first installment entertained us in the most unexpected ways, so obviously, hopes are high for the second movie as well…but I was a little exasperated as I din quite understand the story.

The mighty villain ‘Cable’ seemed weak and less ferocious unlike that character ‘Thanos’ he had portrayed in the last Avengers.


 Mayank Jain, the writer of the Hindi dialogues didn’t quite pack a punch as the translation seemed to be very lame and stupid in most of the parts. However, most of the dialogues are connected to Bollywood/ Pop Culture that gets repetitive and unfunny. It’s sad to see how the real essence of the script gets lost in our local transalation.

I am planning to watch the english version now and reconsider my opinions and views about this film…As I previously stated that the first trailer dubbed by Mr Sanket Mhatre was a lot better than the overallk flick… where the entire cast was changed.

Verdict :

Overall, the hindi dubbed version of DeadPool 2 falls flat for me…Try watching the english version this weekend.