My Review : Black Panther

My Review : Black Panther

Finally watched the most awaited and the most talked about super hero flick of this year Black Panther and let me tell you it’s different and unlike any Marvel movie you’ve ever seen, groundbreaking in so many ways….

Frankly speaking, the trailers and the teasers were not very encouraging but believe you me ….the film is nothing less than a masterpiece.
Black Panther doesn’t feels like a cliched Marvel film, or even a superhero film.
The film offers a fresh take on the superhero origin story, a narrative which the viewers were longing for many years.

Back drop /Prelude – Black Panther

Wakanda is a fictional nation in Africa, Its huge amount of wealth and technological advancement is out of the world.
The source of all this wonder is vibranium, a substance miraculous in ways and very powerful.
A meteor rich in vibranium, which crashed ages ago into the land that would become Wakanda, made Wakanda so powerful that the terrors of colonialism and imperialism passed it by.
Using technology to hide its good fortune, the country plays the part of a poor, third-world African nation.
The Wakandans understand events in the outside world and know that they are spared.
Wakanda has pretended to be a primitive nation throughout its history, hiding its advancements from the rest of the world with the aid of a force field.


Plot :

The film picks up where Captain America: Civil War drew to a close, with T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) assuming control of his country’s fate in the wake of his father’s death.
Rather than building a new, identity and experimenting with newfound powers, T’Challa’s task aspires to become a better ruler than his father and change the direction of Wakanda, a country that has chosen to hide from the world.
Hell breaks Loose, when the criminal partnership between arms dealer Ulysses Klaue (Andy Serkis) and Eric Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) enter the scene.
They both seek vibranium but for different reasons: Klaue is trying to profit from Wakanda’s wonder-material; Killmonger is trying to make his way to Wakanda to make a bid for the throne. He believes he is the rightful king.

Spoilers ahead :
Killmonger, it turns out, is T’Challa’s cousin, orphaned by T’Chaka’s murder of Killmonger’s father and T’Chaka’s younger brother, N’Jobu (Sterling Brown). for stealing Vibranium and betraying them.
The motive for the theft is where the tale begins—and where the story of black wonderment starts to degrade.
The murder leaves Killmonger orphaned. However, Killmonger has learned of Wakanda from his father, N’Jobu. Living in poverty in Oakland, he grows to become a deadly soldier to make good on his father’s radical aim to use Wakanda’s power to liberate black people everywhere, by force if necessary.

Hence : The super villian Killmonger challenges the super hero T challa and for the rest you need to watch the film.


Technical :

The characters and the script look so real and had a natural flow.
T’Challa has a great relationship with little sister Shuri, played by the wonderful Letitia Wright their brother-sister squabbles are cute and relatable, which helps bring the King of Wakanda down to earth.
And Shuri is a very strong and spirited character – she makes a good impression.

Killmonger, as his name suggests, is a killing machine and unfortunately, Wakanda picks their leadership based on combative talent. Interestingly, this is what makes Killmonger such a fascinating Super Villain.
Killmonger’s motives are relatable and emotionally resonant. He’s a tragic villain up against a grieving hero.

The 31-year-old writer-director Ryan Coogler has redefined the possibility of a superhero epic, a credit to his singular vision and belief that black stories matter.
He proved that with his past works such as Fruitvale Station, his breakout 2013 film about the killing of Oscar Grant, and again with Creed, the 2015 boxing flick that mined the importance of legacy and family.

Best part of the film is : The black women of Wakanda descent are uniformly independent, strong, courageous, brilliant, inventive, resourceful, and ethically determined.
The film successfully elevates the women to central characters with influence and power that turns more on their minds and integrity than their bodies Thus the movie deserves praise for its gender politics.

Rachel Morrison, the Academy Award-nominated cinematographer attached to the film, delivers shots full of color and purely cinematic.

Performances :

The entire cast right from Chadwick Boseman Michael B Jordan Lupita Nyong’o to Letitia Wright have done a swell job. Unlike a bollywood film, this film gives equal footage to female and the as well as the male characters.

Verdict :
Overall, Black Panther reminds you of a Bollywood masala flick in a hollywood way…. ( hope you understand what i mean)

Black Panther is the ‘Super-Hero’ movie we’ve been waiting for…A Must Must Watch….


My Review : Aiyaary

My Review : Aiyaary

What is Aiyaary or Aiyaar?

The meaning of the word Aiyaari is, an imposter or a shape shifting,who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive others, especially for fraudulent gain.
In his latest offering Aiyaary — director Neeraj Pandey highlights the corruption in the Indian Army.

Colonel Abhay Singh (Manoj) and his team member Major Jai Bakshi (Sidharth) are a part of a special secret unit of Indian Army’s military intelligence.
Major Jai Bakshi becomes disillusioned by the system he has sworn to uphold.
This sets Abhay Singh on his chase as the chase shifts from Delhi to Central London.
We see Manoj Bajpayee and Sidharth Malhotra donning various disguises as they try to explain the title of the film. Sidharth and Manoj both play Army officers in the film.
They have a mentor-protege relationship that is challenged after Sidharth’s character comes across a scam in the system.


It also highlights and talks about the 2011 Adarsh Society Scam The Adarsh Housing Society is a posh, 31-storey building constructed on prime real estate in Colaba, Mumbai, for the welfare of war widows and personnel of India’s Ministry of Defence.
Over a period of several years, politicians, bureaucrats and military officers allegedly conspired to bend several rules concerning land ownership, zoning, floor space index and membership getting themselves flats allotted in this cooperative society at below-market rates.

The scam was unearthed in November 2010 which forced the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Ashok Chavan, to resign

Technical :

Pandey’s filmmaking has always prioritised matter over cosmetics. Like A Wednesday, Aiyaari isn’t exceptional in technique –it doesn’t boast of fancy camera work but practical enough to assemble a taut film that stumbles in few places.

His focus is on movement to imply a breathless pace. All his characters are constantly on the move with long-shots and flow camera movements.

Aiyaari is actually quite a long film – it’s over two and a half hours and feels dragged and long towards the end.

Aiyaari is superbly acted, enthralling and a believable film but the script could have been sleeker and tighter
.The complexity of the plot and screenplay which goes overboard and often loses pace.

If there is a weak link in Aiyaari it is the somewhat laboured love story involving Jai and his pretty girl friend , Sonia (Rakul Preet) which seemed out of place.

Performances :

According to me, Sidharth Malhotra is a total mis fit and fails to deliver a powerful performance.
Super Talented Manoj Bajpayee carries the film on his shoulders. and is worth the watch.
Veteran actor Adil Hussain doesn’t get much scope to perform. Actors like Kumud Mishra and Vikram Gokhale were brilliant in their respective roles.

The women characters are sketchy and doesn’t give much weighted to tne women characters such as Sonia played by the gorgeous Rakul Preet Rakul an IT wizard, who is reduced to being Sidharth Malhotra’s love interest and Maya played by the beautiful Pooja Chopra gets no scope to perform.

Naseeruddin Shah shines in a cameo.

Verdict :

Overall, Aiyaary is not Neeraj Pandey’s best but one time watch is recommended.

PS : I am crushing on Rakul Preet big time…she is sooo cute, and lovely.

My Review : PADMAN

My Review : PADMAN
“Look! not up in the sky! It’s not a bird! It’s not a plane! It’s not Superman! It’s Padman… ‘Super hero hai yeh pagla.’
Finally watched the most hyped, the most awaited, the most talked about hindi film of this year.
Coming from the Ad gurur Mr R Balki, this film undoubtedly had few innovative and creative advertising campaigns such as promoting it to be a Super Hero flick with a difference ( I quite loved the title),albeit giving the conventional cape a miss. Who would’ve thought a superhero could step out in a simple white kurta pyjama? Well, Akshay has proven that you don’t require the cape to be a superhero and also posing with Sanitary Napkins to create awareness etc.etc
PS : It is based on the short story The Sanitary Man of Sacred Land in Twinkle Khanna’s book The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, which is inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu who introduced low-cost sanitary pads
Concept :
Padman is a very socially relevant film which aims to spread awareness about menstruation and the necessity for hygiene. The film spreads a message that how important it is to understand and discuss the topic, which is still considered as a taboo in our country and how urgent it is for the rural population to take steps for menstrual hygiene.
Periods is still a hush-hush matter and we, till date, think twice before discussing it openly, most of us choosing not to do so.
In fact, Padman is a film good enough to be showcased in schools for teaching children about the need for menstrual hygiene.
Plot :
Lakshmikant a resident of picturesque Maheshwari, is happily married to Gayatri.
One day Lakshmi, discoves his wife collecting filthy rags to use during her menstrual cycle, as sanitary napkins made by multinational corporations were expensive.
Troubled by this, he starts designing experimental pads. Initially, he make pads out of cotton, but these get rejected by his wife and sisters.
Eventually, they stopped co-operating with him and refused to be the test subjects for his innovations.
He begins testing it on himself, using a bladder with animal blood, but became the subject of ridicule when the “sanitary pad” was discovered in his village.
Since menstruation is a taboo subject in India, he gets ostracized by his community and family.
Later working a a professors house, he discovers that the commercial pads used cellulose fibers derived from pine bark wood pulp.
He borrows money and makes a low-cost machine that could be operated with minimal training.
He gets assistance and help from a Itian named Pari who helps him with his Journey and supports him through out.
Lakshmikant’s invention is widely praised as a key step in changing women’s lives in India.
His low cost machine creates jobs and income for many women, and affordable pads enable many more women to earn their livelihood during menstruation.
Technical :
Director R Balki wishes to address the issue of the menstrual taboo and spread awareness regarding hygiene among the rural women of India.
But his feeble incentives and filmy endeavours don’t quite add up or allow Pad Man to become the heartfelt wake-up call it so desperately wants to be…
The Film suffers from a repetitive first half and a very lazy and filmy second half…film progresses in a rocket speed towards the climax. and lacks depth.
Why on earth a hindi movie needs to have a love story..dat also a second one ???
The writing could have been slightly better…
Performances :
Akshay Kumar fits the bill and plays the character Lakshmikant Chauhan with a lot of ease.
Radhika Apte is brilliant and convincing. Sonam Kapoor has done a good job too.
Verdict :
Overall, Padman as a film is nothing out of the box but one can’t deny that its message for the intended target audience, is one that’s the need of the hour.
It might be very basic in terms of its writing, but the performances and production is worth the watch. But then again, its message is its true star.
One time watch is a must



Finally Mr Anurag Kashyap 2.0 has finally made a movie that I could walk out of, feeling good about myself….that also after a long time ( post Bombay Velvet and Raman Raghav 2.0)


A low caste boxer (Shravan) trains at a gym controlled by a local Don (Bhagwan Das Mishra). Shravan falls for Mishra’s niece (Sunaina).
The Don does not approve of this match. Shravan strives to win Sunaina’s hand in marriage and become a successful boxer while trying to avoid retaliation from the Don

There are essentially three kinds of boxing movies: those that offer a grim, tell-it-as-it-is perspective of life in the ring, those that focus on the business aspects of things, and those that seek to uplift through a rags-to-riches story.
Mukkabaaz, belongs unabashedly in the third category. Although the movie contains realistic elements and is set in a believable arena, it is essentially a Love Story about a local small time boxer of UP who gets a chance to prove himself of a lifetime, and, at the same time, wins the girl.
Mukkabaaz certainly doesn’t boast of all the sports movie clichés in a way will captivate the audience and will bring a smile to your face.
According to the credits, the lead actor Mr Vineet Kumar Singh happens to be the co-writer of the film, after making rounds and visiting various producers and studios, he finally narrates it to Mr Kashyap , who instantly agrees to direct it and the rest is history


The core aspect of Mukkabaaz is that many people will enjoy is that it’s as much a tender love story as it is about ring action.
Shravan is a passionate boxer aka UP ka Mike Tyson – someone who will fight anyone for anything.
His lone ambition is to represent his State in boxing. He is a bachelor and lives in a lower middle class home with his parents (father constantly taunts him) One fine day, his eyes falls on Sunaina the gutsy deaf niece of Bhagwan das. Shravan instantly falls in love with her, but has to pay a heavy price to be with her.
That’s why the film’s final scene is less concerned with the result of the match than with the result of the romance.

What makes Mukkabaaz special is that it concentrates on characters, not sports. There are many fights -but it’s not the highlight of the film.
In between, every screen moment is used to develop Shravan as a person. He is not traditional hero material – he’s crude, stupid, boorish, and has high aspirations.
Nevertheless, there’s something likable about the guy, and it has its root in the gentle, caring way he treats Sunaina. And it’s this relationship that’s the key to making Shravan’s ending look convincing.. He may lose the fight, but he gains so much more.


Performances :
The supporting cast featured a number of under rated, character actors. The most recognizable and colorful of these were Jimmy Shergill and Ravi Kishen who take the movie to a different level with their fine performances.

Zoya Hussain, is a revelation as Bhagwandas’s niece Sunaina. Thank you Mukesh Chhabra Casting Co.for the wonderful casting.

Verdict :
Overall. Mukkabaaz has a lot of heart, and, while Anurag Kashyap 2.0deserves some credit for this, Vineet Kumar Singh ‘s contributions were equally important.
The direction of scenes and performances are masterful – Kashyap’s handling of few scenes makes us believe we’re watching a real film.
In many ways, Mukkabaaz is a picture that should be watched. by all.



Trivia :

The film is based on the real event- 2014 abduction of Indian nurses by ISIL, 46 Indian nurses kidnapped by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) in Mosul, Iraq. They were released later on and they confirmed they were looked after very well
Two 2017 Indian films are based on the incident, Malayalam film Take Off and Tiger Zinda Hai.

Synopsis :
India is undergoing another political problem, Tiger is back. The sequel to Ek Tha Tiger brings us together Salman The hardcore tough Spy, with his beloved super hot wife Zoya to battle a ruthless militant and saves the world.

Technical :

Ali abbas Zafar’s script has its share of flaws. The story and the action sction sequences in the first half is tad long but has its moments.
The movie also seems a bit long with long action sequences most of the time. Dialogues are good and keep a good dose of humour. ( Tu Tu Tu ..Tutu Tara)
Post-interval, however, the film changes gears when both Raw and ISI unite. We see more of the stuntwoman than we do Katrina, which is a good thing, and even Kaif looks more at ease when sternly kicking a thug in the nuts. One well-choreographed stunt follows another, and while the whole thing is shrouded in blockbuster-implausibility, the action keeps things interesting. Thanks to Sallu Bhai, there’s someone to cheer.

Director Abbas Ali Zafar scales down the ambition as he aims for a safe mainstream middle-ground in this flick, a spy-thriller which right from the first frame gets boiling but eventually crackles along quite effectively.

Ali zafar’s direction is well done though he does make Salman Khan’s Tiger more superhero than spy. Vishal and Shekhar songs are good. Cinematography by Marcin Laskawiec is very slick. Rameshwar Bhagat’s editing is good. Visual effects are nice but they seem choppy in some sequences.

Considering that it’s a YRF product, the rest of the movie has enough romance, action and chase sequences to look forward to

Performances :

Salman Khan is back playing India’s top bit of intelligence muscle, a RAW agent who jumps around a lot but always lands on his feet, befitting his feline nickname. When not working, he is a doting father and a dutiful husband who loves ‘Hindustani Khana’

Katrina Kaif looks gorgeous, sexy, fit and has done a commendable job…you would love to see her kick some butts.

Mr Paresh Rawal is a surprise package…undoubtedly one of the best actors India has ever produced.

A special mention to the beautiful and talented Anupriya Goenka for a great performance as the Head nurse Poorna and the power house performer Sajjad Delafrooz who very convincingly plays the Antagonist with a lot of ease.


Verdict :
For those asking, yes, Salman Khan does take off his shirt. Salman fans won’t be disappointed by Tiger Zinda Hai. For others, it’s a fun watch even though it’s a bit long. It will roar at the Box Office.


An Open Letter To Mahirah Khan On Her Birthday

An Open Letter To Mahirah Khan On Her Birthday

Dear Mahirah,

Some people come into our lives and barely leave a trace; others leave a string of footprints etched upon our hearts, letting us know they are with us every step we take.

You, my favourite actor, have been stamping all over my heart since the day I saw ‘Humsafar’ 3 years ago. There wasn’t a moment of hesitance in my answer. I mean, who wouldn’t have fallen in love with someone as beautiful as you? The answer was yes, and with a smile on my face I decided to become your most loyal and biggest fan on earth.


As the years passed by, my love for you grew. You weren’t just a super star for me, you were an inspiration I never had and the reason my days were filled with happiness, love and laughter. Even when the sun stopped shining, I would instantly watch few of your videos and work on YouTube and make light of any situation life threw my way. Because with you I feel stronger, braver and damn right invincible!

You are always my number one. Most importantly, you make me laugh. Even if I’m in a bad mood, your interviews and videos make me smile. You never know where this next year will take you, but why should that stop you. I hope this is a year where you smile a lot, be happy, and rise higher and higher in your career. I hope you discover something new and exciting, hold on to what you’ve always loved before, and find something unexpected that will amaze you like nothing else, because honestly those are the best surprises. Just remember to remember me and acknowledge me because you’re not getting away from me that easily lolz.


Not going to lie, some things will change. Nothing can stay exactly the same forever. But there will always be one fan cheering you on, a person to laugh with who loves you unconditionally, and a friend who will keep supporting you to no end. Look back at all those years right from 2011 and look at the kind of person you’ve become. You’re pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself- you make the job of ‘proud fan’ easy for me. But then again, why do you think  I chose to be your fan in the first place? I knew you were amazing before, now you’re even more amazing. I am ready to take every curve ball your detractors throw at you and throw it back even harder lolz.

And no matter how much distance is between us, no matter how many days, weeks and months I don’t get to interact with you, I will always be your biggest fan and support you.

Here’s to another year of having you as not only my favourite actor but my favourite person.


I Love You Mahirah Khan forever.

Your Biggest Fan on Earth

Deep Basu


My Review : Tumhari Sullu

My Review : Tumhari Sullu

How many times has a movie touched people in a way that they cried with the characters and rejoiced with their victories?

It is a measured movie, deeply drawing us in with its protagonist, played with immense feeling by the talented Vidya Balan .

Synopsis :

Sullu is a happy-go-lucky Mumbai middle class housewife whose routine life changes when she unexpectedly lands herself with the exciting job of a night RJ (radio jockey) on a leading radio station.

Vidya manages to get under the skin of her character and justifies just why someone would make sacrifices to excel.

With great body language and acting skills..the actress pulls off the character ‘Sullu’ succesfully.


Technical :

The movie opens introducing us to Sulochana is who is the youngest sister of three. The other two – a pair of twins are employed’and think nothing to demean her whenever they feel like it.
Sullu is a 12th class fail but more-or-less happily married and a happymother. She finds her happiness by participating in the society and school contests of the kind which encourages‘housewives’ like her to participate.

Suresh Triveni’s warm-hearted treatment and odd-ball humour makes the character ‘Sullu’ likable and whose success you desire more than anything else.

First half is slow and boring…the second half is lengthy and gets dramatic. Initially the husband seems supportive but later develops insecurity and embrassment when he hears Sullu has become the object of fantasy of lonely men, and everything that goes with it. He suggests having another kid just when his wife’s career is starting to take off and also blames Sullu for their kid’s misconduct.

The editing should have been a little more tighter and sleek.

After Sullu becomes a night RJ- her husband begins to have problems at work and her son ends up stealing his father’s phone to impress his fellow students. How are these problems related to her RJ profession ?? If Sullu was not a RJ, her husband would have still faced the same fate at his work place and the son would have induldged in petty robbery…these problems were not very convincing to me.


‘Sullu’ working as a RJ segment is well scripted and performed. You will love the way Sullu uses her brains to talk to all the lonely strangers without lowering her standards and dignity.
Her interaction with her boss woman Maria (Dhupia), and the producer (Maurya).is quite a good watch and seems real.  Special mention goes to RJ Malishka for her natural performance.

Performances :

Even though Vidya dominates every scene in the film, her husband Manav Kaul beautifully makes his presence felt with their honest performances. Vidya and Manav have a crackling chemistry…you will love the way Sullu calls her husband ‘Gai’.

NEHA Dhupia & Vijay Maurya have done a commendable job.


Overall :

Tumhari sulu is an inspiration for many house-wives who dare to go out and do so\mething of their own. Only time will tell if the movie will be a hit or a flop but Vidya Balan has surely emerged as the winner. Go and watch it for her.